Choose a place which soothes. Arrange a comfortable chair or cushions on the floor. Be sure the space is a good temperature for sitting for a time. The body cools as it rests. Keep this in mind. Gather your rose quartz crystal to hold for this practice.

The position of the body is important. The body has a way of communicating outwardly to the world and inwardly to oneself. The most effective placement of the body is a stable, symmetrical position.

If seated in a chair, place your feet flat on the floor, your hands resting in your lap, a pillow supporting your lower back. If seated on the floor, you can use a small pillow to elevate your seat so that you may cross your legs and allow your knees to relax towards the ground. It is best if they fall lower than the hips as this releases tension in the lower back, allowing the spine to soar.

Also prepare ahead of time, a space for the body to lie down comfortably during the last part of this ritual. Have plenty of support available in the form of pillows and blankets. You may also like to have calm music ready and set to loop continuously.

Take your seat and begin simply by following the breath. Identify a place in the body where you notice the breath. Either at the nose, the back of the throat, the chest, the belly, the back. Wherever you notice the breath, focus there, not changing the breath in any way. Naturally allow the air to flow in and out however deep or shallow, however short or long.

Hold your rose quartz in your dominant hand.
Breathe in long. Breathe out fully. Speak distinctly: “I choose love. I deserve love. I am love.”

Reaffirm through repetition, until both the heart and the head ring true. Allow
a gentle rhythm to come into the words as the power of repetition lends strength to your voice: “I choose love. I deserve love. I am love.”

After several minutes of practice, light your candle, set your music to play. Set a timer for 10-20 minutes and lie down supported well and comfortably. Cradle your rose quartz at the heart and allow your eyes to close. Breathe in long and exhale fully. It is possible to shift and change your life in any waking moment through love. Be kind to your tender soul and know you are love.

Know. Your heart and soul know. Love is the foundation of all.

After your rest, come slowly back to a seated position. Allow time to observe and take note of the changes in your body, your heart, and your mind.

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