We become our own, most truthful guide when we trust in our intuitive nature. Some say, “the guru within, or my ancestral guides, the goddess or god, or universal energy.” It is all one. There are as many paths to the spirit as there are humans on this Earth.

Listening to your innate intuition seems like it should be easy. Sometimes it is. When you feel stuck, there is help out there, from the beginnings of our desire to know and understand. In this week’s blog, I’m introducing the use of runes for tuning in to that inner wisdom. Runes can open a door to how we think about the nature of words, while tapping into our subconscious. They are a reminder that words have power, both healing and destructive, depending on our word choice and use. Through any word or the letters which built it, we may therefore discover our story.

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May you journey to a more intuitive understanding of your story and accomplish the work of your inner wisdom path.

All my love, always.

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The runic alphabet, discovered as ancient inscriptions and presumably evolved from Greek writing, was born in the 2nd century. The name Futhark, actually comes from its first six letters of this twenty-four letter alphabet, the entire order of which is not understood or simply lost to time.

By the 17th century, the Old High German origin of the word runa meant “a secret conversation or whisper.” The modern addition of a blank tile to a set of runes, occurred in the 1980’s, making its use and interpretation open and optional in the present day. For the purposes of these instructions, the original twenty-four runes have been defined, with no meaning assigned for the blank rune. You may wish to include it with a meaning imbued by your heart as guide.

There are as many methods for rune divination as there are opinions about runic history. It is widely understood that their use is similar to the use of Tarot cards for accessing one’s subconscious for inner direction, as well as ancestral guidance.

Historically, runes have been cast/tossed upon a special cloth, of meaning to the person casting, while lifting your gaze to the sky or closing your eyes as you select a number of runes. Another method is to watch as the runes are tossed upon your cloth, with only the runes which land face up selected for your result.

The number of runes read for a casting is also as varied as spreads used for Tarot card readings. You can cast and select one, three, five, seven, or the full twenty-four runes to interpret. Here you have been provided with the option of drawing one or three runes.

If you are without a set of runes, have no fear—you can make some! Small stones, squares of cardboard, wood chips, even paper can be used. Gather together 24 pieces of material and use draw or paint one rune symbol on each. We also have a set of beautiful runes available in our Ostara Ritual Box.

Place your runes in a cloth bag. Hold them in both hands as you breathe, soften your thoughts, and settle into your heart to begin:

Bring to mind a question or subject for which you would like guidance. Pull 1-3 runes from out of your bag and place them before you. One rune is pulled for singular, direct guidance. Three runes are pulled to examine your situation, possible actions and possible outcomes. Gaze upon your selections without judgement or expectation. Perhaps jot down notes about your initial impressions or sensations.

Utilize the Futhark Rune Alphabet chart, which illustrates the twenty-four Futhark runes, to locate the letter, name, and concept for each of your runes. Notice the rune symbols. Notice the letters. Perhaps read the name for each out loud. Consider the meaning for each.

Compiled from both traditional and contemporary interpretations, meanings are essentially guided by your intuition. You may enjoy sketching the shapes of your selected runes together, or write down the combinations of meanings which speak most directly to your heart.

This is a place to begin. Consider leaving your runes out for a period to ponder over time. Or, you may wish to try again on a different day.

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