Sometimes you just know. Everything seems to be happening in a perfect flow and you feel it in your body. The truth is, the more we trust in the natural flow of life, the more effortlessly things seem to unfold. From these moments we receive a gift of understanding. At other times, it’s nice to have tools to fine tune our intuition.

I’m sharing a super useful pendulum divination ritual in this week’s blog. It works best if you trust the first answer you are given instead of asking over and over. A divination card and pendulum are included in Lammas | Essential Ritual Box, but you can improvise with a ring suspended from a string as your pendulum. You can also create a simple divination card of your own using collage, painting, or sketching. However you explore the use of these tools, I wish you great ease in dropping into the natural flow of your beautiful life.

All my love, always.

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We all have questions. Life is a series of questions. While sometimes it may seem as if there are no answers, if we allow time and a period of reflection for ourselves, the answers do come. The use of a pendulum and pendulum card are tools to help focus your innate ability to sense the culmination of our world’s energies. Here’s how.

Collect your pendulum and pendulum card, along with any other energetic tools, talismans, or amulets which you find helpful in supporting your intuition.

Have a specific question ready. Write it down. The most common questions humans have asked with the assistance of a pendulum include: Where are my lost keys, phone, ring, wallet? Am I having a boy or a girl? What’s the best date for my event? Questions may be as serious or light as you wish.

Set up an area for your ritual. Perhaps light your candle or incense. Be still. Close your eyes and relax your heart. Follow your breath for a short time as you center your mind upon the question.

When you feel settled and ready, open your eyes, take up your pendulum and hold the end of the chain between your thumb and center finger. Some like to use their non-dominant hand for divination. Others swear by use of the dominant hand. Follow your intuition. The choice is yours.

With the crystal hanging from the chain, hold it about an inch above the lower edge or center of your pendulum card and close your eyes again for a moment. Breathe and repeat your question. Open your eyes and continue a steady breath and steady hand as you watch your pendulum.

Be open to the answer you may receive. Your pendulum will swing or circle on its own. This is a natural result of energy both within you and around you. You may feel the energy focused in your fingertips or hand. The place over which your pendulum swings or circles most denotes all or part of your answer.

If your question’s answer requires specific letters or numbers, continue a steady breath as you watch the pendulum swing first over one letter or number and then move to a different letter or number. When the crystal swings repeatedly 3-5 times over any a single letter or number before moving on, you may consider that letter or number part of your answer. Write it down, or remember it, and wait for the next.

• Under what moon will I meet someone special or new?
• On what date should I start a project, travel, take a retreat?
• What might be the initials of my next lover, spouse, friend?
• In what month will my circumstances change?

Our pendulum card contains both specific and more general items. There is both a simple yes and no. There are numbers and letters too. However, there is also a maybe, as well as phases of the moon from new moon to full moon. If your pendulum doesn’t swing or circle much or not at all, perhaps rephrase your question to make it more specific.

Above all, approach your pendulum divination ritual with ease. You don’t have to use a pendulum card. You may wish to divine a tarot card by letting it swing over a spread of cards face down, with a question in mind. Or hold your pendulum over a map, calendar, a personally created collage, or your own self-designed pendulum card containing all sorts of possibilities.

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