It’s my favorite thing to think about conjuring new magic, and then just making it happen. When that kind of energy builds up behind an idea, it’s best just to get to it, don’t you think? I wanted to make a special bundle for the new year. So I did! Yay!

Powerful palo santo, cedar, and a spar of selenite—these three in concert call up the presence of ancestral, protective, and intuitive energies, and became the foundation of the bundle. I added a detoxifying charcoal and pink Himalayan salt soap with organic essential oils of eucalyptus, orange, and frankincense. Also, a beautiful booklet of self care rituals, alongside all the full and new moons of 2021, and a bright brass bell!

And just like that, the Transcendence bundle was born…

I want to share a lovely part of the booklet with you right now—some potent questions for this brand new year, and a reflective affirmation to feed your spirit. May you conjure up some brand new magic too.

All my love, always.

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The finish line of one year gives way immediately to the start of the next. There is barely time to breathe—yet we must. Here you have a handful of thoughtful questions you may wish to ask of yourself as you bring your heart into this moment. The affirmation is one which may be recited quietly in a reflective manner, or read aloud as part of a meditation or celebration.

Set your cedar and palo santo smoldering. Hold your selenite in your hands. Breathe into the center of your being as you rest in the protective arms of sweet cedar. Ask for guidance or assistance from your ancestors as you sense their presence in the clear scent of palo santo. Allow your intuition to blossom.

~ How have I been of service to other humans, creatures, this Earth?
~ What three things about yourself has this past year shown you?
~ How may I love more? How may I love better?

The corner of a year turns
without fail no matter its trials.
My heart eager moves so light
and lifted by hope’s buoyancy.

All the tender things I carry
within this life—grief, loss
regret, yes and also kindnesses
hardly known before now.

May the bright fresh light
of a year at hand grant me
ever deeper kindness—
ever unfathomable love.

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