Perhaps the story of the goddess Diana and Bacchus is why the amethyst crystal has the unique power to soothe both the mind and emotions, as it carries the energy of fire and passion, creativity and spirituality within.

Amethyst’s exposure to radiation in the time of its making, along with the presence of iron, is the manner in which the earth cast this quartz crystal with its violet color. From the very beginning, it is a stone which has had a place in human culture. Worn for its beauty, carved for its hardness and luminous glow, the Egyptians and Romans revered the stone.

Greek lore imparted amethyst with the power to prevent drunkenness. Chinese alchemists strategically utilized amethyst to redirect negativity and offer protection. While Tibetan monks still string the violet beads into malas in sacred reverence to the Buddha.

We can draw upon its long history of protection by wearing amethyst against the skin. Naturally calming, it unites feelings of the heart with thoughts of the mind to help us make balanced choices in our lives. Likewise, amethyst’s long association with those of nobility and spiritual wisdom can encourage a sense of devotion and selflessness in the wearer.

The stone’s passion helps fuel ours. Place amethyst upon your altar or within your circle to ignite creative fire. Or utilize its more subtle vibrations by placing it bedside to encourage spiritual growth and imaginative dreaming.

Beyond a crystal’s history is our own experience with its energy. Hold it in your hand. Keep it close to your heart. Pay attention to the response of your body. Listen to your intuitive messages. In this way, you are your own most powerful guide.

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