When you hold an artifact in your hands you feel history. An object found, made into talisman, and worn on the body against the skin, speaks messages to our bones. What we come to know is what we are meant to learn in this life.

Heather West is an historical diviner. What comes into her hands becomes transformed. The weight of these wearable, cast creations makes for good grounding any day. I invite you to feel a bit of that gravity.

All my love, always.

With the gift of a brilliant mother who worked in multiple Smithsonian institutions, Heather West spent her childhood surrounded by natural history and art. She points to the awe of crystals and gems, fossils and ancient objects, as some of her earliest influences at the heart of her jewelry making. Magic Fairy Candles is honored to have her wondrous works as part of our offerings to you.

Born in the bronze age of civilization (6,000 years ago) in the southern region of Asia, lost wax casting is termed as such for the wax model which melts away in the firing of a ceramic mold formed around the wax.

To give birth to a new piece, Heather often uses reclaimed silver from a collection of silver items she’s been compiling for over a decade. Though she relies on a longtime, trusted foundry to do the actual molten metal pouring for the casting, she begins and finishes the process herself.

Several of her works, such as the serpents and crystal caps for necklaces, are sculpted from wax by her hands, then brought to the foundry. There a mold is made from the wax she’s sculpted and molten metal is poured into the mold. Found objects, such as animal claws or rattlesnake rattles, have molds made directly from the objects. Heather’s honeycomb pieces are molded straight from the actual honeycomb, which since it is beeswax, melts in the mold-making process. Back in her hands, Heather cleans, files, and polishes the cast metal objects to fit them into her final vision for her jewelry pieces.

“I really started making jewelry because I wanted things I couldn’t find. Beginning with gemstones and chain, I made necklaces which felt good to wear. The sensory aspect of jewelry is integrated with my own needs to either have a light piece gently upon my skin, or a heavier object providing a grounding presence.

About ten years ago I moved to Colorado, but I also spent some time in Germany and the Pacific Northwest. In each place, I looked to nature and its creatures to connect to my own heart. I adore deer. They are truly beautiful, gentle creatures. But full of power too! I found some antique antler mounts in Germany and began removing the antlers from the mounts to use for creating energetic pieces. The antler is like an antenna which attracts what is needed. But it is also an amulet of protection, because it is literally how a buck defends himself!

What brings everything together is my practice of chanting, meditation, and breath work. I find the time spent voicing my own sound, brings a clarity to my mind and also clears my body. So I’ll wear certain pieces I’ve made while I practice, to bring me closer to that. Lately, I’ve been incorporating turquoise in my work. It’s an incredibly beneficial stone which heals and aids in strengthening the throat—this throat activation is what helps us speak our truth. I’m hoping that what I create ultimately helps others the way it has helped me.”

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