A new moon is the perfect time for enacting regeneration. Without expectation, meet your desire in a place of openness and let intuition be your guide.

The most difficult thing is to listen. Yet when we listen to the land, the sky, our hearts, we understand where life may be leading us. Setting intentions under a new moon is a long-lived ritual. Now’s the moment to open yourself, making time to be still and listen. Allow new intentions, prayers, mantras, to come to you and then write them down.

What does your desire wish to bring into fruition? What might you try if you released fear and strengthened your resolve?

Under a new moon, this written remnant can be kept on your altar or bedside until the next full moon. Or you may wish to plant your intention in the earth for nurturance and growth by burying your paper in a garden. To send your intentions out onto the wind, you may wish to ignite the paper in a safe manner, to burn and transform the material and send your words into the ether.

The earth’s soil opens under a new moon. Perhaps reaching out to a light which has vanished. Plant your garden, a tree, the seeds of a new project. Think beyond the literal and lay the groundwork for what you wish for by planting seeds which will be nurtured as the light of the moon returns.

Manifest the power of earth’s forces by creating a crystal grid. Bring together the energy of moonstone, quartz, and labradorite to assist with the manifestation of your desires and aspirations. Choose crystals with both opaque and transparent hues to balance both the moon’s light and its shadow. There are a number of shapes for crystal grid rituals. Research and arrange your crystals into one which honors your wishes, or simply place them upon your altar in a pattern pleasing to your intuitive sensibilities.

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