If you’ve ever wondered why you are drawn to one color over another, it may be because of the color’s history—what part of the world it came from, how it was made, what it meant to wear clothing or a jewel of such a color. There are volumes written about the history of colors. Here you have a small handful of such symbolism to consider and explore. Each color’s blessing is a gift for you, and a gift which may also be shared.

Green is a field of grass sending up fresh blades, a canopy of trees leafing out. Green is good fortune. It is new life and hope and abundance. Gift a green egg with the blessing — May health and fortune favor you.

Blue is a clear sky and the deep ocean, the purity of a robin’s egg, the breath of a misty spring rain. Blue is inspiration and clarity and wisdom. Gift a blue egg with the blessing — May your path be clear and truth be your guide.

Yellow is the life-giving warmth of the sun, a field of fragrant cowslip coming into bloom. Yellow is energy and optimism and joy. Gift a yellow egg with the blessing — May your delights be endless and bright.

Orange is the clear presence of rain and sunshine and earth contained in a single, fragrant fruit. It is creativity and strength and sensuality. Gift an orange egg with the blessing — May passion and adventure soar within you.

Red is the grounding goodness of life’s force. It is the heart and blood. It is the shine of a ripe apple, the heat of a chili pepper, the glittering jewels of raspberries in summer. Red is courage and life and love. Gift a red egg with the blessing — May love flow to you & through you. May love be who you are.

Purple is a soothing field of lavender lulling honeybees in soft clouds humming of mystery. It is the ethereal mood of magic, the iridescence of a dragonfly’s wings. Purple is intuition and mystery and enlightenment. Gift a purple egg with the blessing — May you be forever open to the mystery.

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