Decide if you shall have a big or little fire, then prepare.

Firestarter bundle, from our Beltane Ritual Box, or any of our other individual bundles.
For a little fire & for blessings using your bundle, choose a fireproof container
For a big fire, prepare an outdoor fire pit or space

Have water or a hose nearby for safety. Clear space around the perimeter to prevent sparks from igniting other materials. Observe fire bans and safe practices for your area.

Set your bundle burning as you set your intentions for this ritual. Bring to mind that which you wish to transform or purify. Hold in your heart the power of fire. Know in your bones how the light of its flame illuminates darkness, transmuting sorrows to hope, negativities to compassion. Think of how fire’s heat and flames naturally loft upwards, raising energy, lifting the heart and mind to a higher plane of awareness and understanding.

LITTLE fire—place your bundle to smolder in your fireproof container.
BIG fire—use your lit bundle to set your larger fire burning.

With an established fire it’s time!
• Leap over or pass nearby small fires to cleanse energy in its smoke.
• Join hands to dance around the flames, singing, laughing, toasting!
• Hold handfasting ceremonies or rituals of recommitment.
• Write down challenges you wish to release and burn in the flames.
• Pass items through the smoke to purify and bless.
• Rings bells, play musical instruments, share food around the fire.

At the beginning or end of your fire ritual, carry your smoldering bundle or a small piece of smoking wood from your bonfire through your home allowing a passage for the smoke to carry stagnant energy up and away by opening windows and doors. Circle your home so you finish at the farthest points of your property. Circle humans and creatures in your life to smudge with the smoke. Bless them by your devoted actions, perhaps stating your care and love for each of them aloud.

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