We keep some things forever. Why? Because we love them. Because they make us feel good. Because they remind us of a certain special moment. In this way, we build upon memory with each experience.

Some of the first candles I ever made were like this, scents which reminded me of moments I loved. Created during the origins of Magic Fairy Candles, the Essentials line of candles are exactly that—the indispensable scents I go back to again and again. They are timeless floral, herbal, citrus, spicy, sweet, and seasonal blends of enduring scent memories which many of us share.

In this week’s blog, I’m sharing a method for discovering more about your personal scent memory story. After exploring, you can bring more of these scents into your home. By choosing those which soothe and those which help you recollect past pleasures, you create an atmosphere in your home which uplifts and supports your daily life. May your scent journey be both surprising and fulfilling.

All my love, always.

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Emotions and memories have a home in a specific part of the brain. Scents take a direct route to the same part of the brain when we smell them. It’s no wonder that we feel transported to another moment in time when we are hit with a scent connected to a specific memory.

To begin your personal scent memory story, jot down a few answers to these questions. Try not to think too much about your answers, just go with whatever comes up first.

• What was your favorite food or treat when you were a kid?
• Where did you live and play when you were young?
• Of the four seasons, what’s your favorite time of the year?
• Do you prefer salty or sweet or spicy?
• If you had to pick a favorite herb, what would that be?
• Do you have a favorite flower?

Thinking of scents can be difficult. Smelling scents is better. Go on a little field trip where you live and find a natural food store with essential oils. You’re going to smell the testers for the oils—all of them! Yes, all of them, even if you already know what they smell like. Take some notes. Which oils connect to answers you gave for the questions above? Do any trigger memories? How does each one make you feel?

Visit the produce section too! Smell some fresh herbs and fruit. Wander the aisles and smell what you can. Some boxes of tea can be sniffed, bulk grains, bread, coffee, and nuts too! If there is a section with fresh flowers, go there for a few smells. If there is a hot food area, stroll and inhale there too. Take your time exploring. Write down memories, scents, connections between scents.

If you want to expand your field trip, you may wish to visit outdoor places, like trails, parks, forests, rivers, the ocean. Conversely, common indoor places to collect scent memories include favorite restaurants, a movie theater, the perfume section at department stores, cafes or bars.

After your field trips, take a look at your answers and notes. Circle words which come up more than once and words that evoke a strong feeling. Then write emotions associated with those words. Finally, write down a sentence or two about any memories associated with them. You can also create a collage of images instead of words, or make a diagram connecting words and images together. Make it playful and easy.

This is a beginning for your story. It may have stirred up all kinds of things, or just a few. Let it be a start for new awareness of how scent makes you feel in your daily life. With the notes you gathered and connections you made to scent and memory, consider reading the descriptions and notes for the candles in our Essentials line to see if any of them match up with your scent memory story.

As you find more scents which lift your mood, which bring sweet memories into focus and soothe your heart, you can gather those into your home in the form of fresh flowers and fruit, special teas and herbs, as well as candles and oils. However you choose to enrich your daily life with scents, I hope you continue the journey and discover ever more layers of beauty and comfort within your scent memory story.

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