Things come and go so quickly. Change occurs continually. It is the one thing we can actually count on. Haruki Murakami wrote, “When you come out of the storm, you won’t be the same person who walked in. That’s what this storm’s all about.”

Will you be weathered and changed by the storm of this changing life? Will you welcome it? And can you let go the unneeded things as they diminish and fade away?

These are all good questions. Late winter is a good time to start shedding, so you can begin to answer them. I’m sharing an exhilarating purification ritual to use in the coming weeks. I hope it delivers you to a brand new day, bright and embracing the ephemeral nature of all.

All my love, always.

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The transformation of winter to spring happens so subtlety we hardly know it is happening. There is a stirring in the body, a natural rising up out of the darkness which makes us ready to move on, for which this purification is the perfect accompaniment.

Begin by arranging your table or altar with these items:

Salt—cleanses both internally and externally, and represents Earth.
Incense or Smudge—cleanses thoughts and represents Air.
A candle—clarifies and fortifies your will and represents Fire.
Water—cleanses emotions and of course represents Water.
Selenite or Quartz Stone—purifies the spiritual, intuitive body and represents Spirit.

Give the space where you reside a good cleaning. If the weather is not too cold, open up some windows for a bit. Wash or air out blankets, pillows, anything which is used daily. Vacuum or wash floors and definitely dust!

Wipe down shelves, tables, knickknacks using a cloth dampened with water and vinegar (1/2 cup white vinegar to 4 cups warm water.) Vinegar cuts through dust and grime simply, while freshening the air at the same time. Put your whole body into the activity, breathing deeply, moving every muscle. See the process as essential as the result.

After your vigorous activity, reward yourself with a walk outside. Offer yourself a length of time for reflection. This need not be anything formal, but make it intentional by turning off your phone and opening yourself to what’s around you.

Let the thoughts of your mind drain away and bring your attention only to what you encounter. Pay attention. Focus on what you see to let go of everything else. Collect small stones, feathers, or other trinkets from nature which please you and help you connect more deeply to the landscape where you are right now.

Upon returning. Light your candle and set some incense or smudge smoldering. You may wish to waft their smoke around. Trust your intuition. You’ve earned this moment of clarity.

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