Just a few weeks after a lunar eclipse we get to experience another of the solar kind! This week, on June 10th in North America the sun will be eclipsed by the moon in what’s referred to as an annular solar eclipse. Our neighbors north of us in Canada will get to see a brilliant ring of fire at the apex of the eclipse. Here in Colorado, it will be a partial solar eclipse, dimming the early day.

It seems fitting that during the month of Litha, our Sun is calling attention to herself. So, in this week’s blog I’m providing the special wishing ritual I like to perform this time of year. How perfect to embody your wish under the Sun’s eclipsed light, and to blow it out into the wind as her brilliance reappears. May all your wishes come true!

All my love, always.

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All the ways to wish in this world and no one knows how the practice of wishing came to be. As humans we are unique creatures, in that we have hope and can dream. And we have the capacity to imagine possibilities, or that which has yet to be. Herein lies the key—that which has yet to be! We can create and bring into being something which first only existed in our thoughts.

Suppose the only difference between a wish and a plan is that we cast out a wish thinking it may never happen. What if instead we treated our practice of wishing far differently?

Gather in hand a personal item to wish upon. Likewise, a handful of seeds or herbs is also perfect. Sit in a comfortable seat or upon the earth and close your eyes. Breathe without changing the breath, simply let it be without expectation or judgement. Follow the natural flow of your inhalations and exhalations as you bring your hopes and dreams to mind.

Speak them aloud without thinking too much. Trust your intuition. Let wishes flow from your mouth, one after the other as though you were given all the wishes in the world to wish. Wishes are naturally unlimited and boundless. Open to the freedom of your wishes.

Now pay attention. How is your body responding to your wishes? Perhaps you felt a jolt of excitement with some. Or maybe you hesitated with others. There may have been one which struck a chord deep within. Voice those again aloud, but slower, with a good long breath between them. Let each root in your heart and sit at the center of your mind.

It is alright to hope and dream and want. Desire is born from within you, not outside of you.

Before you rise up from your seat, take a moment to write down your wishes, the ones which really rocked your world as you spoke of them. Remember them. Repeat them.

Your item or seeds or herbs are now imbued with your wishes. Now you have a choice.

Place your item upon your altar as a reminder to renew your wishes daily. Sprinkle your seeds in your garden as a way of letting your wishes grow. Use your herbs in a tea, a meal (if edible) as a way of internalizing your wishes more completely. Or sprinkle wish-imbued herbs over a fire to carry your wished into the heavens.

Know that each step you take towards embodiment of your wishes is a step closer to making them come true. Sense the beauty of that truth.

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