Rituals for Yule and the Winter Solstice include lighting candles, exchanging handmade items or found gifts from the natural world, quiet reflection upon the past year’s events, and ushering back the sun with song and feasting.

But there is really so much more you can do if you want to dive into a full-on celebration! There are wreaths to make, bells to ring, gingerbread to cook and fashion into a house, mistletoe to hang and make out beneath! Sitting with beloved humans to watch family videos or slideshows while stringing popcorn and sipping hot cocoa makes for a cozy evening any night. Likewise, bringing out old photographs of relatives and ancestors, sparks storytelling which enriches memory as time moves forward.

You can continue or bring back family traditions from your ancestry, create new traditions which speak to your heart more fully, or take part in spiritual traditions practiced by friends which you have never experienced before. This is also a beautiful time to gift what you can to those who have less, or access to less in this world.

You may wish to read one or both aloud as part of your ritual or celebration.

In an earth’s quiet night, how shall we comfort and renew each other’s hearts?

I collect myself inside the dark
calm, quiet, and willing.
I listen deep and watchful.
Within the silence
a luminosity sparks.

May I rest in this delicious lull.
May I fill others and be fulfilled.
Then may I soon turn again
to greet light’s luster freshly born.

One thought on “MOOD | CELEBRATION

  1. Kim: This has not been an easy year for me and I am so grateful for you. The Love and Care you put into each monthly box along with the booklet is not only a welcome surprise but it makes me stop to reflect and renew and for that I thank you. To you, your family and staff, I wish you a Happy Holiday and a safe and abundant new year.

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