Like a little forest elf, Lindsey Foy sees all the tiny things. Then she paints, or draws, or photographs what she sees. And we are the lucky ones, to have the gift of her vision. She gets our vote for badass, beautiful human this month.

When I look at her work, it takes me into the world of the minuscule. It makes me remember what I love about the magic which lives there. It makes my heart happy and buoyant and bright! If you can use some of that, read more about her in this week’s blog and follow her in all the places.

All my love, always.

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Every month we celebrate someone doing amazing things.

This month we’d like to introduce you to the badass human who is Lindsey Foy.

Born in Wyoming and raised in Colorado, Lindsey has played in the wilds of the western landscape for all of her young life. Her gaze drifts down to her footsteps as she pauses to see the most tiny things of our natural world—snails, water droplets, mushrooms, delicate intricacies of plants, stones and crystals. She melds her absorbed vision across three artistic disciplines—photography, painting, and tattoo artistry.

“When I move into that tiny realm of photographing at ground level, for me it’s a safe space to zone in really close. It kind of feels like there’s so much magic underneath our feet, filled with patterns and the way the light shines. I always say ‘Don’t go on a hike with me!’ Because I will stop every five feet. I think I’ll be out there for fifteen minutes and then stay for hours. The act of photographing brings me into my own little world in that way.

My painting is different. First it was just a way to process my own feelings, then it turned into something I could share. Tattooing is something that brings everything together and makes it possible for me to make a living. It’s sort of like a mind-reading game, tattooing. Making something that works for the client comes from just knowing what colors go well together and how light falls on things. It’s almost like painting, just with different tools.”

Lindsey talks about her childhood as a time when she played make-believe and built things with her Dad, a welder and artist in his own right. They constructed piñatas together over various birthdays—a witch, a horse, and others. Though she was a good student throughout her school years, she says art was what she always really loved.

This past, pandemic year has been rough on artists. Lindsey has taken work when possible, and just recently began working full days of tattooing again. She sold a number of her paintings and photographs, including one of her favorites, a large painting entitled Hypnopompia. It features a woman curled in a fetal position against a black background, with a yellow-feathered bird also enfolded and suspended above the woman. It is a stunning piece, and was difficult for Lindsey to part with. She says it surprises her still, that she can paint something deeply personal and then have someone really want to have it. She says she thinks, “You want my insides?” Laughing as she says this, Lindsey’s natural playfulness bubbles up.

Please view Lindsey’s beautiful insides on Instagram @lcfoyart
To inquire about tattooing or purchasing art, connect at

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