Watch a slow-motion film of a seed sprouting from the earth to bloom into a flower and you will see how it wiggles back and forth and looks crooked sometimes as it makes its way up into the air. This is kind of how it feels to me when I’m working on something new, like I’m going up a hill zig-zag. Creation happens like this sometimes. We go here and there and here again. But it’s so important to remind ourselves this: The whole time, we are working on blooming!

And today we celebrate the Spring Equinox and the hopefulness of this Ostara holiday. In this week’s blog you will find a thoughtful question for the day, along with an affirmation written specifically for this day. May this day mark your beautifully human and zig-zag journey of coming into bloom.

All my love, always.

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How to experience a year? Have you watched the slow melt of a heavy snow in a new day of sun? Have you walked out into a field or forest as the days lengthen to feel your heart lift? We sense it—a year as it moves within us in our daily gestures of love and longing. To truly encounter the moments of a passing year, we here at Magic Fairy Candles, have dedicated myriad days to the task of honoring the cadence of its unfolding.

Marking one of the four major divisions of the Wheel of the Year, Ostara or the Spring Equinox, is one of those major, quarter holidays. You may wish to read our Ostara question or affirmation aloud as part of your ritual or celebration for this momentous day.

In an earth’s awakening, how shall you kindle your life’s vital force?

I stand upon the earth
and she rises in every
green bursting thing
to greet me.

May I be ready.
May I open without hesitation.
May fresh life show me
how to bloom.

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