We are each one of us born from a woman into this world. A widely quoted instruction of Buddhist practices is to see and honor all beings as our mother. This is a hugely expansive and deep practice. What would that look like in your life?

The truth is, not everyone is blessed with the kind of relationship they would have liked to have had with their mother. Some never get to know their mother. And so mothering happens in our life in ways which surprise us. Perhaps you mother your own children in the way you wished to be mothered. Maybe you and your friends find yourselves caring for one another at various times in a manner which is sweetly mothering. Or sometimes, a person who has lived many more years than you enters your life and you are taken under their wing.

So the truth is also this—the act of mothering can be performed by anyone.

In this week’s blog I’m sharing some wonderful things about my magical grandmother! I was so lucky to know her, to be in her care, to learn from her. But most of all, I was lucky to be mothered by her.

All my love, always.

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My grandmother threw salt over her shoulder to appease the spirits. She set a table in a specific way, each item imbued with purpose and meaning. In her home she had a large aviary with macaws, parrots, all kinds of birds. Her eyes were blue. Her hair was blond. She was wonderfully eccentric.

To a house spider she would extend her finger and let it crawl aboard, then circle it around her head three times before setting it free outdoors—the money spider, harbinger of good fortune. To me, my grandmother seemed to live in a very real state of prosperity without ever seeming to struggle for it.

I was blessed with unforgettable time in England with her while growing up. Her home was filled with extraordinary things. But her whole being and way of life is where the riches could be found. From her I absorbed an understanding and respect for both the natural and ethereal worlds. She shared magic without calling it magic. I am so very grateful for the astonishing gifts she gave me.

Fast forward to my life now. As a woman whose children are grown, I can see the breadth and beauty of those early days of discovery, and how they opened a door to my life’s work. What I’ve learned is this.

We can, each one of us, be the originator of our own magic.

It can be simple and natural. We can settle our hearts into a moment, gather in around our lives all the things we hold dear, and learn more about the world and its marvels. In this way we can cultivate light, and subsequently, love.

May this day of honoring those in your life who have mothered you, fill you with all the love which grew from those moments to bloom in so many magical ways.

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