Water has weight. It naturally flows down and spreads out. Think of the power of being moved by a wave. Imagine the vastness of a flood. We are all of us walking vessels which contain seventy percent water—the very same percentage of Earth which is also water.

And so it’s no surprise when overcome with emotion, we feel awash with the shifting tides of feelings. This is what it means to be moved by something. The weight of water within is moved by all the energy around us. We are never untouched by an experience.

In this week’s blog I’m sharing a water ritual perfectly suited for the coming super full moon eclipse set to happen in the wee hours of May 26th. When all the water within is swirling, I immerse my body in water so I am surrounded by it. In this way I can release the chaos inside. Water awash with more water naturally disperses and dilutes. I wish for you all the release you may be in need of right now.

All my love, always.

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How does one become more aware? Begin by lifting your chin. Raise your eyes to the night sky and see. There is a cycle aligned with the tides and seasons and the body.

The moon—she offers up her energy through both her radiance and her shadow. How one begins is simply by noticing. Perhaps your ritual is to quietly nod to the changing skies. Perhaps you wish to go deeper, to truly encounter the fullness of the moon.

Begin where you are. She will meet you there.

In a deliberate and mindful manner, quiet the space where you will be bathing. Lovingly remove and store items which are unneeded, so as not to visually detract from your relaxation. Consider turning off devices, save for music which soothes. At the same time, add ritual items which support your practice—selenite, moonstone, or quartz stones; personal objects of a sacred nature; or items from the natural world which feed your spirit. Make a stack of clean towels available. Turn down or turn off the lighting. Place a lit candle or two nearby. Close the door and draw your bath.

Adapt this ritual for the shower by placing your bath bomb in a breathable bag like a mesh vegetable bag and hang it under the stream of the shower to wash over you. Or place your bath bomb in your hands or on the floor of the shower to dissolve slowly outside the main stream of water, enjoying its scent and skin softening properties. Likewise, our Full Moon Release body scrub is perfect for the shower. Whatever you choose, allow the water’s flow to be your body’s cue to release all which is unneeded.

Add one of our bath bombs or salts to the water while expressing aloud or quietly inward, your thankfulness for this time of self care, healing, and release. Listen and let intuition be your guide. Give yourself what you need. Slow your movements as you disrobe. Pay attention to your body’s infinitely unique form and abilities. Place your clothes gently aside and enter the water slowly, so as to notice every sensation. Listen for every breath lengthening.

Let yourself unfold inside the warmth and support of the water. Breathe without consciously changing your breath. Simply open to the air as you inhale, and be willing to let go as you exhale. Move in any way which feels good to you.

With deep care, honor all the endless ways in which your body has served you throughout your life. With the very same care, acknowledge the challenges you face now or have had to endure in the past. Breathe. And again. And again.

Now allow all those thoughts to slow, to settle.

Pay attention to the transformation of your breath and body after you have soaked for some time. Perhaps your heart has calmed. What has been heavy has given over to release. Or maybe emotions moved with the mutability of the water and you found yourself sobbing.

This too is release.

The fullness of the moon ripens threefold—the mind, the body, the heart. In your final moments of the ritual, let your head rest back as if cradled by the hands of someone you love. Let your arms and legs float up. Close your eyes and exhale one long, complete, full breath with the intention of letting any last hindrance or grasping go.

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  1. I’m a business (The Vintage Corner) in Clarksville TN. I use to order your products from FAIRE to sell in my storefront. I can no longer carry your products because of the zip code protection policy in place. When I go to order, my friend that has a shop close by with a totally different customer base carry’s your candles and because she ordered candles, I am unable to buy the bath bombs, soaps or oils that I usually carry. It makes no sense to zip code protect the entire product line when her and I are close friends, and we cater to different customers, and push different products to be Denied purchasing ability for products we do not carry. Why not zip code protect the products instead of the entire line? So different stores with different customer bases can still have the ordering ability?

    1. Hi Elizabeth, We are sorry to hear about your frustrations with the zip code protection. You can place a wholesale order directly through us on our wholesale website at and there will be no zip code protections that you have to go through. Feel free to give us a call at 720-771-0359 if you have any questions 🙂

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