“My great-grandmother sang with the girls of her village as they pulled the flax. Songs so old
and so tied to the season that the very sound seemed to turn the weather.” —Karina Borowicz, from September Tomatoes

I am paying attention to the small changes in my yard. It is full of pumpkin vines plumping out their round fruits. This is a new ritual for me—my first time growing a yard full of pumpkins. I like to talk to them. It is my own kind of September song. I like that it is new and fresh and yet still feels soothing, as though I’d grown pumpkins my whole life. This is how I’d like ritual to be for everyone.

In this week’s blog, I’m sharing the simplicity of what ritual looks like. And I’m posing questions you may wish to ponder for awhile. It is my hope that you might discover something new for yourself. Please enjoy the journey.

All my love, always.

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The performing of ritual is a deeply human experience. Everyone has rituals—common ones like birthdays, graduations, holidays, marriages, and funerals. We delineate time, making it more meaningful by repetition of yearly or daily rituals. Some center around family tradition, cultural legacy, or spiritual practices. Others are simple, personal actions like preparing a cup of tea with attention and reverence, setting the table a certain way, or getting oneself ready for the day using the same sequence of tasks as the day before.

If you feel you don’t know enough to practice ritual, trust yourself. You carry all you need within.

There is magic in every choice you make. Your presence places real power behind all you do. It’s no coincidence that paying attention makes things clear, that belief activates action, that understanding brings light to the unknown or feared.

In this way, intentional magic is how you live.

At the heart of intentional magic are three things—personal connection, knowledge, and ritual. To help you discover this in your own life, think about the way your days unfold and ask yourself these questions.

What daily ritual of mine just makes things feel right?
What natural items am I drawn to and what do I know about them?
What rituals (mine or others) have touched me deeply, and why?
What new ritual do I want to try? How can I make it more personal for me?

You may wish to take a moment to write down some of your thoughts.

Begin where you are. Celebrate your history and what you know to be true. Listen to what speaks to you. Pay attention to your heart, your breath, your body. Hear the wind, feel the sun, walk barefoot upon the earth. The better you come to know yourself, magic will naturally flow.

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