• 8 1/2” x 11” white paper
• Sharp scissors
• White thread & tape

Follow this diagram for folding your paper. This will give you a lovely snowflake every time!

1. Fold paper in half.
2. Fold each corner in one third of the way, along the fold.
3. Fold this triangle in half again.
4. Cut off the uneven end, above the highest paper edge. You have to peek inside the folds a little to see where that highest edge is.
5. Feel free to draw some designs on your folded paper if you wish.

Or simply begin cutting out designs freehand, taking care not to cut all the way through from one side to the other. Cutting the very tip at an angle creates a small star at the center of your snowflake.

Unfold to see your magical design!

Press your snowflake overnight between some heavy books to flatten out the creases. Tape a length of thread to one of its points and suspend from the ceiling with another small piece of tape.

Once you make one snowflake, you’re sure to want to make more. The best part is that just like snowflakes made by nature, no two paper snowflakes are alike!

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