A circle is sacred. The wombs of women encircle life as it grows, then open to form an O as our children enter this world. Our mouths form an O as we open to speak our truths. Earth is a globe, the orb which is our home. The moon in turn circles our Earth and it too is a sphere. To cast a circle is to make a sacred vessel to hold your ritual.

Amalgamation is the coming together of many things to form a single structure. Casting a circle is the amalgamation of all the energies of this world.

In this week’s blog, I’m sharing the steps for circling casting. As we draw closer to the sacred beauty that is Samhain and All Hallow’s Eve, you have time to prepare for your ritual circle. You may also wish to support your spirit with the tools and self care splendors of our Magical Tools Ritual Box.

With reverence for the very personal journey of ritual, I wish for you the natural gathering in of all Earth’s energies.

All my love, always.

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Clean your space and cleanse your body with a soothing shower or soak. Consider turning off all devices. Be still and remember your intention. Choose a location either indoors or out. Protect our Earth by following local guidelines regarding outdoor flames. You may wish to use a compass to locate and mark the directions of north, south, east, and west with a stone
or crystal. Walk your circle clockwise and smudge its entirety with sage or incense. Light a candle at the center.

Invoke the seven directions by reading aloud:

I face East, the direction of the rising sun & all beginnings. I call upon the element of Air & the creatures of flight. I welcome the beauty of new life & understanding to this circle.

I face South, the direction of sustained activity & service. I call upon the element of Fire’s forms of flames, lightning, & electricity. I think of the quick coyote & welcome powerful action to this circle.

I face West, the direction of the setting sun & visions. I call upon the element of Water in all her forms & depths. I trust my emotional strength & welcome its true instinct to this circle.

I face North, the direction of guidance & all paths home. I call upon the element of Earth in her nurturing solidity. I feel my body grounded by soil & stone. I stand & welcome its deep wisdom to this circle.

I look up, raise my arms, & contemplate infinite galaxies, deep space, all consciousness. I honor the masculine energies of grandfathers, fathers, uncles, brothers, & sons. I honor how such energy also exists within the feminine & welcome it to this circle.

I look down, bend & touch Earth to deeply know the home of our humanity, all creatures, all of the natural world. I feel how we are all one. I honor the feminine energies of grandmothers, mothers, aunts, sisters, & daughters. I honor how such energy also exists within the masculine & welcome it to this circle.

I close my eyes & look within. I place my hands upon my heart
& know I am love. I trust my connection to the true light of the spirit in all forms—gods, goddesses, ancestors, animal & human guides, dreams, visions, feelings. I honor the one in all and welcome spirit to this circle.

With your circle cast and a sacredness held within your heart, read or recite the words for a ritual of your choosing. This is your moment, take your time. Repeat words of intention, release, or affirmation as many times as necessary in order for you to feel the gravity of those words within your body.

In order to bring about change, one must feel it fully.

We build energy and make solid change as we continually return to the practice. You may suddenly voice your own words for casting the circle, invoking the seven directions, or performing a ritual. Use them to connect more profoundly to your own awareness and heart.

Special rituals are offered in this booklet as a place to begin.

To close your circle, release the elements and seven directions by speaking a simple phrase of dispersal and gratitude of your own choosing, or something like this—

“The elements, seven directions, and energies of all, I thank you for your presence here and release you.”

Extinguish your candle, collect your markers for the directions as you walk your circle once more. With reverence and gratitude, walk out and go forth.

Blessed Be.

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