The beginning is always an ending of something.

Today marks the beginning of our “Monday Magic” – a short message inspired by you and all the other humans we span time with.

The desire to connect with my highest good has been ongoing for my entire life. Searching for a meaningful use of my gifts, looking for people to serve and lift up, so I could feel purposeful and needed. All the while, white-knuckling the situation and using my strong will to make things happen… Never being able to accept help from others, and ultimately sabotaging my personal relationships and creating an impenetrable energy field that kept me at arm’s length from everything my heart desired.

Essentially, I was trying too hard, stuck in the illusion of controlling a situation or event.

The gift of heartbreak has been the catalyst for rebuilding my true heart, my unconditional love and gratitude for the human experience.

And so the journey continues; grieve your endings and open your heart to new beginnings.

Let’s span some time, inspire each other, standing tall in the moment together, feeling eager and optimistic for what is next.

Big love,

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