Crossing the River

Personal experience, community interaction, and service work has opened me up to deeper meanings. At times I feel at a loss for words when experiencing life, embracing all of it while I step into the moment. Knowing myself better, taking the time to breathe and taking the time for silence, has allowed me to be aware of my shortcomings, and has allowed me to start where I am – doing my best to meet others where they are.

I recently took a workshop to learn more about Zen Hospice and Death, and in the process, I learned so much about living. The gift of grief shows us we are alive, and it leads us to the river where we first stand on the shore, then we plant our feet in middle of the river, eventually, we slowly crawl to the other side – raw with emotion, but on the other side. The stages and progressions vary, but all of it is necessary for us to heal.

Choosing to love yourself and choosing to heal your heart is healing for the world. Practice self love and take care of yourself. If the only person you save is yourself, you are saving the world.

Big love,


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