What If

The choices we make are ours alone. As much as I would like to blame others and deflect, I know I have to own it, and be accountable for my choices. When I really look at myself I realize, I created my life, I am responsible for how I feel, what I have and what I don’t have.  The challenges and the victories are all cause and effect – I did or thought something and it had an effect. What if I choose to do it differently?

What if we choose to do it differently? What if we practiced life more? What if we are kinder to ourselves? What if we look at things and ask, what can I give, instead of what can I get?
Theses practices open us up to so many possibilities. I recently read a book by Marianne Williamson called, A Return to Love. Within it, there’s a chapter about how we make a living and it was truly life changing for me. And every day since, I feel differently about my customers. Of course I always want to connect, to shift my intention of all my interactions to: What can I give? How can I serve? What does this person need? What is my part in helping to heal their heart?
My shift in thinking and my new approach to interactions has helped me have deeper connections, communicate better, and heal my own heart.
Giving is a gift, practice it in your daily life and return to love. Giving is a gift, practice it in your daily life and return to love. Check out this article on Self-Love for more info.
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