I Can See

Often what we see in others – the strength and courage, the kindness and compassion – we often overlook in ourselves. Humans are amazing, inspiring, beautiful, and at times blind. All of us have the ability to make a difference, all of us have personal power. 

When I look at my community, I can see a body of individuals working together. I can see support and encouragement. I can see art, education, commerce, infrastructure, and a commitment to each other and our shared city. I can see so much in every human. It’s my ability to see the love in your heart, and that far out weights anything else.

Take time to appreciate. Take time to lift each other up. Take time to recognize your ability to make a difference. Be mindful of yourself, your family and friends, your community and the planet as a whole.

Be kind to each other, we are not separate.

Here’s a great article about The Benefits of Volunteering, and how it affects our mood, self awareness and much more.


Big love,

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