Life is filled with distractions, moments that blur our emotions, or pull us away from who we are meant to be.
The past few days I have done my best to acknowledge the past, be mindful of where I was one year ago and share my gratitude with my community for supporting me and loving me through challenging times.
Making difficult decisions, having hard conversation and taking responsibility for your part in a relationship takes compassion, grace and honesty.
My family life was at a turning point last spring, I could continue doing the same thing and expecting different results or I could choose a new path. The past was full of a life un-lived, a life I felt was passing me by, a life of turbulence and fear. Holding on tightly to an idea instead of letting it happen. I started trusting my inner guidance, I sat asking myself and god please help me, allow me to surrender. Not the surrender of giving up but the surrender of letting go and allowing. The path began to unfold, relationships shifted and we all started to grow.
I give whole heartedly all my love and gratitude to my beautiful children for stepping in with me and embracing life, having uncomfortable conversations and sharing difficult emotions. The year of personal growth has been beautiful to witness.
All my love,

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