Give and Take

Have you noticed the nature of push and pull, the natural tides of life? You move in and out of the energetic pulse of life. It feels like a dance, the warmth of being pulled in feeling full with human connection, than spinning away in the beauty of self reflection.

My deep love for humanity the desire to have an energetic connection has prevented me from understanding this natural flow in relationships. It has taken knowing myself better to understand my own natural push and pull along with the natural energetic tides in my personal and professional relationships.

When a person would pull back and take time away from what I thought they should be doing or focusing on I felt anxious or perhaps even unloved. Finding love inside myself is my own responsibility and not possible to find from the outside world. The journey of self discovery can unlock your heart, it can bring peace and comfort at times of hardship and grief. It can ease the feeling of urgency or need, into a gentleness that calms our soul.

I still at times try to control the tide, but it is a fleeting moment and not held for long, soon after comes my mindful practice and I can let go.

I allow myself to be imperfect.

I allow myself to make mistakes.

I allow myself to be a learner, still learning life’s lessons.

I forgive myself.

If I cannot forgive myself now, may I forgive myself sometime in the future.

Yours Always,


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