What would it take for a shift from expectation into curiosity?

Not knowing and the excitement that follows, being curious, asking yourself questions, investigating your motives.

Meeting your day as it is, right where you are. Feeling your way through each breath.

My need to know, has slowly been replaced with the comfort of being aware, mindful and in the present moment. Opening up, expanding my heart, sitting with unlimited possibilities.

As I deepen my practice, gaining understanding of my true nature, I can separate from fear and insecurities, I can trust myself. Looking at what motivates me, what triggers me and what touch me. Curiosity can lead you down a path of personal freedom that helps us grow, curiosity keeps us engaged and eager for what is next.

This is a beautiful Metta from Dharma Ocean

May I develop complete acceptance and openness to all situations and emotions and to all people.

May I experience everything nakedly, completely without mental reservations or blockages.

May I never withdraw from life or centralize onto myself.

May my heart be laid bare and open to the fire of all that is.

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