Love Letter

The new year gives us an opportunity to begin again, to let go of what no longer serves us, to make clear intentions for the future. Moving forward in a mindful way, living more intentionally. Releasing past hurts, moving away from blame and judgment. Looking forward to new experiences, inspiration, and my favorite loving more.

This year I chose not to make New Year resolutions. Instead, I am writing 3 letters of love, the first I wrote to myself. Self love is important and for me it is more challenging than loving others. I have to practice self love everyday and some days are better than others. But I continue to practice or begin again – gently guiding my thoughts in the direction of love and compassion.

The second letter of love I sent to my community, sharing my gratitude for the support of the past year and excitement for what is next.

The third is an open letter, a letter to someone new, an opportunity or an inspired thought. This is a letter of promise and adventure. A letter of commitment to the unknown. This letter is filled with unlimited possibilities.

Writing down our intentions helps us to create positive change, helps us to focus on what we would like instead of what we don’t like. Subtle shifts keep us moving onward and upward. Be gentle and kind to yourself, the world needs you.

Happy New Year!



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