What is it?

When I ask myself, what was my motivation, what was the reason? Was it timing, was it need or want?
Can we look at our choices from the others’ perspective?

I have found meaning and connection, I have found deep love. In an instant it is gone.
Returning with a single breath.

Taking time to hear, not just listen, to others and myself gives me the foundation to step into my life, gives me courage, compassion, and a better understanding that we are not meant to know. The beauty of our journey is the discovery – letting go so we can move forward.

I have not always been comfortable with this, living in the illusion of control. Now each day as I begin again, I can gently remind myself how to live as I practice life.

The shop and my life have been “under construction,” shifting in a new direction. Every day I am asked why did you change the store again? My constant response is because I love you so much. Because I want to add value to your life and the life of our community. Join me, together anything is possible.

What is it for you?
What motivates you?
What fills your heart?

May you find peace.
May you find love.
May you find happiness.

Yours always,


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