What next?

The self care art journaling class I took last week got my wheels turning. The question was, if you could have your perfect day what would it look like. The instructor gave us a few prompts and we were to write down this perfect day, and anything that is keeping us from actualizing this in our life.

As I took stock of my daily life, the realization of how truly fulfilled I am, how excited I am to completely show up in my life and the lives of others and how much gratitude I feel for all the good and challenging experiences. The last year of intense spiritual growth (which at times felt like a total emotional breakdown) has brought me closer to my true heart, shown me how to be more compassionate and strengthened my deep love for humanity.

There are many things I am still working on, like my workaholic tendency, being fearful of the unknown, or finding the courage to let go of what no longer serves me. This class gave me the space to sit and appreciate my life and all the beautiful wonderful people that I share time with.

Appreciate being you, appreciate all you have to give and appreciate your willingness to receive.

Love is the answer to everything.

Forever yours ,


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