My Stuff Versus Your Stuff 

What are you willing to do?

How far will you go to protect your heart?

How do we recognize patterns, energetic pulls that are showing up to

teach use, guide us and push us?

I have recently taken ownership of an unhealthy pattern. This pattern

has driven me my entire life. Hidden deep in my heart, as I peel back

the layers and layers of emotions, there it is. The not enough-ness the

I don’t deserve, the I don’t love myself why should anyone love me.

These core beliefs have brought lessons to my front door over and

over again. Finally the light came on, after 3 failed marriages, and

countless unfulfilling personal relationships, I am starting to

understand, it all starts with me. What if I start to love myself first.

Will I wake up, stop the pattern, learn and grow?

I now have willingness to accept what is, forgive and move on. To be

grateful for all the relationships that  have caused my heart to break

along with allowing myself time to heal and breathe. Learning how to

navigate my emotions, touching them gaining understanding of them,

allowing them to come up and move through.

I am stepping in!

May all beings be cared for and loved.

May all beings be listened to and understood.

May all beings be accepted for who they are.

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Yours Always,


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