How can I know?
Who am I to say I understand what it is like for you?

This place where we stand, this line that we draw. I say my mind is open but often it is closed so tightly on a subject there is no room to breathe. The common thing about judgment is, we all suffer from it.

My daily practice shows me how to gently begin again. Sit with my judgment, wait for it to pass. Open my mind to the possibilities, the unknown, the beauty of another humans perspective. Listening to understand, instead of listening to respond. The value of diversity, learning, teaching, listening, and understanding.

May this season bring you closer to your true heart. May you be free of suffering, may you be at peace.

Here is a link to a wonderful article about judgment and how we can learn to turn negative thoughts into positive ones. http://www.positivelypresent.com/2009/05/stop-judging.html

Big Love,


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