Hello Beautiful Souls,

I recently reconnected with Kim over my love of the Road Opener candle. If you don’t have this in your collection, well now is the time. This powerful spell has created many mini miracles in my life including opening lines of communication, clearing blocks and once it even helped me find a missing package!

This is the energy I feel that March brings to us. As we feel the faint whispers of spring it’s a time where hope is renewed and pathways are cleared. Are you living up to your highest purpose? If that sounds overwhelming, let me explain. The universe wants you to feel loved and feel happy. If 90% of your day isn’t filled with activities that make your heart soar, well it’s time to make some serious changes. Fortune favors the brave. And bravery is about following your heart no matter where it might lead you.

May your days ahead be filled with wonder and magic.


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Capricorn (Dec 21 – Jan 20) – Judgement
Each of the zodiac signs represents a human archetype, much like those of the major arcana. Did you know that each zodiac sign has a corresponding card? With any archetype comes some stereotypes and perhaps none are harsher than those associated with Capricorn. We have been called workaholics, rigid and boring. Nothing could be further from the truth! Capricorn’s have a dry wit, a sharp tongue and intense focus. This intellectual seeker is motivated by humor with a larger purpose. This is echoed in this month’s pull of the Judgement card. Right before we finish the Fool’s Journey with the World, Judgement is a time where the past and present meet in perfect harmony to restore balance. It’s always tied to something much larger than the self. Has the universe been sending you signs? This month try some two-way prayer. Get quiet, meditate for a few minutes and then break out the journal. Ask your Guides for guidance. Ask whatever questions you like and see what comes back to you. Some friends of mine have suggested using your non-dominant hand for this exercise. The answers may surprise you.

Aquarius (Jan 21-Feb 19) –  Justice
Dreamy Aquarius this card pull feels appropriate for you this month. As you’ve just celebrated another round around the sun it’s always a great time for self-appraisal. We use birthdays as markers in our life to help set us back on the right course. As is the case with the Justice card. It calls for decision making and clear direction. Have you been waffling between a few choices? Feeling overwhelmed so starting to shut down? This is your opportunity for some quiet self-reflection and tapping back into the magical manifestation powers that live within. Why don’t you try discovering some new ways to break through patterns and hack the subconscious thoughts that no longer serve you? Did you know most of our conditioning has been completed by age seven? I’ve recently discovered NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) where exercises such as box breathing, affirmations, movement and hypnosis help me tap back into my Highest Self. May it offer you the same. It’s time to stop inadvertently self-sabotaging your biggest dreams. You have much to do in this world and the Guides are here to help you.

Pisces (Feb 20-Mar 20) – The Chariot
Oooh Happy Birthday Pisces! I almost always associate your sign with that of the Creative Genius. I love that this month your work is catapulted forward with the energy of the Chariot. This powerful steed breaks through any obstacles to give you tons of space to play, create and explore. Some of your favorite things to do! I urge you to drop whatever you are doing right now and buy yourself a colorful blank page notebook as well as a nice pen. Remember when your teacher used to yell at you for doodling? Well that’s all I want you to do this month. Let your daydreams be your creative drive. There is so much in there just waiting to come out! Make this doodling exercise a daily practice. Set aside 10 minutes each morning just to draw. What does this have to do with gaining traction or moving ahead? Everything. We are so microfocused on our career paths and accomplishments that we’ve forgotten to nurture what matters most: our inner child. This beautiful part of your soul holds the keys to your true happiness. Don’t believe me? Set down a tiny goal for this month. Don’t think about it too hard or put too many actions steps around it. Simply doodle. Let me know what happens in the next 31 days. Crazy right? Let’s start treating play like work.

Aries (Mar 21-Apr 19) – The World
I don’t think there is any card pull that makes me smile brighter than The World. The last card in the major arcana, this is a sign of completion. I find it’s an opportunity to rest, relax and recharge after some hard lessons well learned. The World is not a card that arises due to luck. No, she says hello after you have completed another cycle of growth and discovery. While you are a huge fan of charging ahead and leading the way, now is not the time to take any action. Instead you’re being asked to celebrate and acknowledge this milestone. Go back through social media or your calendar and see what you were doing on this day last year. What have you accomplished since then? Remember not all success is quantifiable. Much of the time the rewards of life are the experiences and memories we’ve made. Pain has always been the touchstone for growth. While these past 365 days might not have been easy, I’m sure there is a silver lining just waiting to be unearthed. Where could you give some gratitude? What blessings has the universe bestowed upon you amongst all the chaos?

Taurus (Apr 20-May 20) – Temperance
Today I decided to consult the expertise of Rachel Pollack, the author of Seventy Eight Degrees of Wisdom. She states, “Temperance indicates the ability to combine spontaneity with knowledge.” I’ve never heard it so aptly put! The card of moderation and balance, Temperance isn’t asking you to play small or hang back. No, this card encourages you to go forth joyfully with the expertise you’ve gained. Temperance asks us to start to do away with the idea of separateness. When someone says to you, “We’re all one,” it hits the heart in a way that identifies fully as truth. How to ground this wisdom in reality? It’s all about a playful dance with the ego. Bring a tiny notebook with you throughout the day and take notes. When were you fearful? Angry? Agitated? Upset? Frustrated? This is simply the ego in conflict with the world. Temperance asks us to examine the false beliefs and bring ourselves back into acceptance and serenity. For love is our only truth. Need help getting into this practice? Check out some Byron Katie YouTube videos about The Work. Her simple query: “Is it true?” will have you soaring into the fifth dimension in no time.

Gemini (May 21-Jun 21) – High Priestess
They say Scorpios are deep, but I find that Gemini’s inquisitive nature is often underestimated. You are constantly examining thoughts and ideologies that float around in our society for healthy critique. Your aim is to connect with your Highest Self through any means possible, societal constraints be damned. And while Aquarians are the zodiac’s fierce humanitarians, you share their war cry for justice and peace. This month I encourage you to practice restraint of pen and tongue. While it’s important for us to fight for what’s true, try asking yourself these three questions before you speak: Does it need to be said? Does it need to be said right now? Does it need to be said by me? This practice will be difficult for you dear Gemini as you are a powerful communicator. I promise you the intent behind this is not to punish you, but to help you achieve the nirvana you crave. All month long I want you to develop a relationship with the High Priestess, the inner Goddess that lives within us all. She is all knowing and all encompassing. She is five steps ahead of us as time is simply a manmade concept to create order out of chaos. What does she have to teach you? Listen carefully. When you’re ready to find your voice again let her speak through you.

Cancer (Jun 22-July 23) – The Moon
While many fear the shadows, there is so much knowledge that waits for us there. That is the call of The Moon. It’s where creativity runs free and harsh truths are uncovered all in the same breath. I feel a call to ask you this question: how can you honor your deepest truths without shame? While self-assessment and growth is an honorable pursuit, there is no progress made when shame makes an ugly appearance. Have you recently uncovered parts of yourself that need fine tuning? That’s wonderful! But please be careful at how you talk to yourself. “I’m horrible with money” can be rephrased as “I’m developing a new healthy relationship with money that brings me joy.” Our words have so much significance. Each word we speak is a tiny spell that the universe hears and delivers upon. As you dance in the shadows what will you bring to light with gentle kindness? And as the Universal Mother, The Moon asks us to nurture ourselves. What creative projects have long been ignored? What book is gathering dust on the shelf? Take time to tap into your wise Cancer disposition and make some quiet time at home alone. Treat yourself to some arts and crafts, whether that be a serious discipline or childlike revelry. When I really want to break free and feel like a kid again I like to break out the finger paints. Just sayin. It’s sooo much fun!

Leo (Jul 24 – Aug 23) – The Hanged Man
Leo you’ve been doubting yourself lately and I wonder why. Much like all of us you’ve had to reexamine your worldly pursuits as we all are forced to go within. Are you experiencing a bit of a crisis? Not sure which way to turn? The Hanged Man encourages us to turn upside down for a new perspective. I think you might want to heed this advice quite literally. Break out the yoga mat and lie down in silence. Stare at the ceiling. Stick your feet above your head and pretend you can walk around. What does this silly exercise have to do with anything? You’ve somehow fallen out of grace (aka connection) with your Highest Self. Instead you’ve been self-will run riot, taking life a little bit too seriously. Let’s bring back that buoyant giggle. Remember that this three dimensional reality is just a mirage. While the bills and the status quo seem terribly important right now, your Guides are telling you otherwise. Tune into the station that plays harmonies of resounding your deepest knowing. What is it saying to you? This month not only do you need a new perspective, but a bit of hope. Take some time to write down what you’d like your life to look like a year from now. Be as grandiose as you could possibly imagine. If you can believe it, you can have it. Start here and work on manifesting later. Right now it’s just fun to have the ideal in mind.

Virgo (Aug 24-Sep 22) – The Magician
Virgo you can have anything you want. That’s what the Universe told me today when I pulled this card for you. The Magician reminds us of our profound abilities to ground esoteric ideologies in reality without much work at all. Quite frankly we’d be lost without you. What with all your lists, plans and organization we would not be able to manage! You are so helpful. This month I encourage you to put down the responsibilities and pick up the teenage spontaneity that lives inside. What are some magic tricks you could perform this month? Did you know that laughter is one of the highest energetic frequencies? While humor is not given the same credibility as other pursuits, it’s often the most important. This month tap into your inner comic who has been waiting to come out. That can include really cheesy knock-knock jokes, Dad jokes, memes, SNL skits and Seinfeld reruns. Recultivate your relationship with anything that has your sides splitting in laughter.

Libra (Sep 23-Oct 22) – The Tower
Well if any sign was to get The Tower this month, I’m so happy it’s you dear Libra! Fair and balanced just like the scales you hold, you are not easily rocked. While The Tower indicates sudden upheaval and movement, I do not foresee this being an experience that causes distress. You gave up the reins of control long ago and have been along for the ride. But I also suspect that The Tower doesn’t only affect you, but those closest in your life. While you are calming riding the tide, be sure to pull others into your lifeboat. Many get lost and not everyone has the steamfast aim to shore. When life brings chaos find the one thing you can always rely on: Your Highest Self. While some see Goddess, The Creative Intelligence, The Collective Unconscious or The Universe as an entity outside of self, it lives without as seamlessly as it lies within. Make sure to drop into some conscious contact daily and encourage others to do the same. I love to use an app on my phone called Calm and I hear great things about Headspace as well. These short, thoughtful, guided meditations can add an entirely new dimension to your day. When we allow ourselves to relax and just ‘be’ we can tap into the knowledge shared by us all, the place where unconditional love flows freely.

Scorpio (Oct 23-Nov 22) – The Sun
Recently I’ve become enamored with an indie deck titled The Wandering Star Tarot. The illustrations are stunning and below each card description is a quote that aims to capture the card’s essence. For The Sun our deck creator has quoted the words of Ansel Adams, “I believe the world is incomprehensibly beautiful – an endless prospect of magic and wonder.” Does this thought ring true? At your greatest you are a deep thinker intent on wisdom and change. At your worst you are stuck in an endless cycle of overthinking that threatens to tear you apart. Have you been taking everything personally lately? What if your friend was truly just trying to help you? What if that person who cut you off in traffic was rushing to see a sick friend? Let your worries go and embrace your true nature of love. The Sun is here to remind you that YES, you are on the right path. The Guides love you, they are proud of you and they have built you in their likeness. They are right beside you every single day applauding your every move. You might not have the perfect job or the perfect mate or the perfect house. But my guess is that you have all your essential needs being met, day in and day out. The universe hasn’t brought you this far to simply drop you on your ass. Take heed my friend and drop back into faith. It will carry you through.

Sagittarius (Nov 23-Dec 20) – The Hermit
Sweet Sag, your wanderlust must be mighty at this point. I see you struggle with the chains of isolation and inner focus as you yearn to be outside and free. What if freedom was simply a state of mind? And how free do you want to be? While your physical body might be sedentary momentarily your mind is still quite able to take many a great journey. This month I encourage you to take a look at creative writing. Is there a workshop you could attend? A book to read? Perhaps just jump in and give it a go? Try writing a short story, perhaps all about your next big adventure. You could even be the main character of this short production. This is an exercise to bring you back into balance with your highest self. Ego screams “ I can’t take it anymore,” while the Self sits quietly in acceptance. If you are bored or frustrated the only person to blame is yourself. Hate to be the bearer of bad news. And don’t forget, from boredom many great ideas have been born. While creative writing might not be your gig, your imagination is your greatest asset. Think of other ways you could put this gift to work this month, whether that be crafting paper flowers with the kids, beading a necklace with your mom or painting a room in your house, your soul is craving more excitement and color. This time it’s found in a crayon.

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