With a bounty of life’s nourishments before you, how shall you honor the essential?

Lammas, or the first harvest, is celebrating on August 1 or 2. It’s a time of celebration and to reap the rewards of the seeds you planted. Love is the Miracle Grow for anything we wish to see flourish in our lives. There is no better way to amplify love than through relationships that offer support, guidance and emotional nourishment. This is a wonderful time to gather with friends and celebrate all that you cherish about one another. Interestingly enough, this celebration calls for an alter outside which fits in perfect harmony with our need to share space conscientiously.

To help you bring ritual and magic into your world we’ve carefully curated a box of tools to welcome in this beautiful time of year. Our Lammas Maps and Tools box contains:

  • New Moon Scrub – The energy from the Aquarian new moon on August 3 can be felt days before. As we celebrate harvest we can also amplify our intentions for the days ahead with a relaxing bath scrub.
  • Wooden Herb Grinder – Plant magic is something that is infused in every product we make. With this grinder you can grind your herbs into a silky powder that can be used in a variety of ways.
  • Crystal Pendulum – Energy sensitive, a pendulum can help you receive clear direction and answers from source. This wonderful tool will assist you in a myriad of ways!
  • Pendulum Card – For those of you new to the use of a pendulum, a pendulum card is a wonderful way to help you hone your gift and bond with the energetics of this tool. On this card you’ll have simple answers to the questions you are seeking.
  • Lammas Candle – Infused with the scents of pacholi, lavender and lemongrass, this candle helps you hone in on the rewards of your harvest. Let it be your guide in gratitude and help you relish in your abundance.
  • Incense – Purify your space and clear out any negativity with incense. Used for centuries incense helps us free our mind and touch back into the moment, our scenes and the power that lives in the present.
  • Ritual and Recipes – In this box you’ll receive a pamphlet providing more detail about this beautiful holiday, rituals to perform and recipes to create that welcome the first harvest of the year.

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