June 2020 Tarotscope

June marks the Summer Solstice and the celebration of Litha. If you haven’t picked up our Litha Ritual box, I highly suggest that you do. It’s bright, colorful and most importantly, hopeful. It’s hard to allow ourselves to have fun and experience joy when our systems are so confused and stressed out. Tarot always has been a source of solace and I hope it offers you the same. I love putting together these readings as I find they are always so spot on! I think of each of you as I pull the card for your sun sign. I ask the spirits to provide guidance and support you need and they deliver every time. Wishing you a very happy and hopeful June! Let’s celebrate every day and relish in the small things that comfort us and help us through.

I love you.


Capricorn (Dec 21 – Jan 20) – Justice
Justice is the card of karmic returns. Energetically what you’ve been putting out into the world will start its return to you. I’m not talking about the stress we are ALL feeling due to this worldwide plague, but all the things you’ve been working on so diligently through the years. You are so much stronger (and not to mention funnier) than you think! This month you’ll be recognized for your talents, perhaps ones that you didn’t know you possessed. The Universe has granted you with many special skills. Don’t hide in the shadows anymore Capricorn. I know you don’t enjoy the spotlight, but this time it’s for a greater purpose. Always pragmatic, believe it or not Capricorn, your skills actually lie in the healing arts. You are more in tune with the collective unconscious than you realize. This month I want you to provide a healing to yourself or to a friend with a guided meditation. Yes, you are the guide!

Aquarius (Jan 21-Feb 19) – The Chariot
Oh Aquarius! What has your dreamlike mind been conjuring up lately? While the work feels chaotic and uncertain, you are relishing the time to fantasize about your innermost desires. You’ve been pondering quite a bit, “Who am I? What path should I take next?” Don’t fret too much about the outcome, just have fun painting a world with your vibrant, decant thoughts of the future and how you’d like to show up in the world. Thoughts become things and you are a much more powerful manifestor than you realize! This is a perfect month for photography, scrapbooks and my favorite, vision boards. Have fun this month playing arts and crafts while piecing together a visual representation of your magnificent destiny.

Pisces (Feb 20-Mar 20) – Judgement
Oooh Pisces! Who has you all burned up?! Or are you simply pissed off at Covid-19 in general? “Screw this horrible virus!” you say. Amen, my friend! However I hate to break it to you. We’re not in charge. We never have been. Nor will we ever be. It was all simply an illusion. The Judgement card is a card of forgiveness. Forgiveness for others can only happen once you forgive yourself. What shame are you harboring? Break out that journal and write down all the negative thoughts that you use to bludgeon yourself emotionally. Good. Now take that paper and light it on fire (while taking all the necessary safety precautions). Now break out a fresh sheet and start writing down some affirmations. These might get you going: I’m enough. I’m a miracle. I’m here for a reason. And then list all your incredible characteristics. Stuck? Now is the time to phone a friend.

Aries (Mar 21-Apr 19) – Wheel of Fortune
When this card arises it truly puts you in the driver’s seat. Something you, my precious Aires, will relish with delight. The Wheel of Fortune signifies the spirits surrounding you in a circle. They see you are at a decision point. You’re not sure which way to turn. Do you close your business and go back to school? Do you completely uproot your life for a new adventure? You know the answer, however fear seems to be running the show. This moment is significant and will be unmatched in our lifetime. We are asked to return back to our truest selves. What does that mean for you? What is the dream that is collecting dust? The idea hiding in the recesses of your mind? I want you to tap back into that childlike wonder for the world and approach your new journey with enthusiasm. This month take one tiny action towards this new goal (as crazy as it seems). Maybe you secretly want to become an acrobat. Now is the time to start researching schools for the fall! Or maybe reach out to some well known people in that arena and ask for guidance.

Taurus (Apr 20-May 20) – The Star
Are you feeling hopeful Taurus? The Star shines so brightly upon you. It’s lighting a road to enlightenment and I hope you aren’t blinded by its brilliance. This month it’s time to deepen your spiritual practice. Learn about a new religion. Join a Zoom Meet-up with other self-explorers and talk about this mysterious thing, energy, being, that we often refer to as God. Open your circle wider. Join a book club. Try an online paint class. You can’t expand your spiritual development without first opening your world to new experiences, personalities and ideologies. Someone challenging everything you believe? Try not to get defensive and lean in to what disturbs you. Why does it ruffle your feathers? What is the underlying fear? Remember, no one can hurt you. Only you can hurt yourself with your mind.

Gemini (May 21-Jun 21) – The Hermit
Gemini are you currently going insane? The most social of the Zodiac, I’m sure all this self-quarantine and social distancing nonsense has got you all riled up! Well, I hate to tell you but the spirit guides are suggesting even more rest and meditation. They claim you didn’t get the memo. There is this thing called a Global Pandemic at work and you still are trying to move at a million miles an hour! What are you running from? This month I’d like to see you incorporate a daily meditative practice. Start with 30 seconds! Try to keep building up so at the end of the month you actually look forward to this quiet contemplation and you can’t start your day without it. The universe LOVES your energetic soul. You have been built in Spirit’s image, however it’s time to slow down and explore your shadow side.

Cancer (Jun 22-July 23) – The Tower
Shake, rattle and roll my dear Cancer. This month the old structure comes crashing down. Don’t let it hit you on the head! Instead move to the side and start sweeping away the debris. You’d didn’t like those sharp edges society built anyway. They were boxing you into a way of life that didn’t work for you anyway. This month is about dream tending. Keep a notebook next to your bed and write about your dreams each morning. They have a lot to tell you! You may vacillate from fear to faith almost daily. It’s ok my love, this can be scary. However you are a force to be reckoned with and your thoughts are extremely powerful. When you let blind faith guide your way you start to build and create beautiful things better than your wildest dreams. Let go and let your spirit guides lead the way. They know the way through. Perhaps write this down on a few Post-its so you can remind yourself you’re not in charge…all…day…long.

Leo (Jul 24 – Aug 23) – The Empress
Leo you’ve been working too hard! The universe is here to remind you that “figure it out,” is a broken story that isn’t true. This is a false belief. You’d don’t need to figure out anything! I promise. Not sure how to pay your bills this month? Simply write down what you need on a scrap piece of paper, folder it up several times, kiss it and toss it where the universe can see it. Perhaps in a beautiful jar or what some like to call a ‘God Box.’ And then let it go. Seriously. Any time you find yourself thinking about those pesky bills again go do something extremely nurturing for yourself. Maybe it’s a hot bath, cuddling up with a good book, some decadent dark chocolate. Remind yourself you’ve given it over to the universe. It’s not yours anymore. Once you truly let go that’s when the magic starts. Try this out. It’ll renew your faith in a way you never thought possible.

Virgo (Aug 24-Sep 22) – Strength
Virgo this will be a good month for you. You’ll feel more in control, however it won’t come from the source you love to pull from: organization. You LOVE a good list, a way of keeping things tidy and neat. It gives the illusion of control. This month your strength comes from your vulnerability. Oh horror of horror, you’re not perfect! What will the neighbors think? Trust me, you weren’t fooling anyone. You’re only human after all. In June it’s a time for a tender heart and moments of authentic understanding. Confess to your best friend about your fears. Tell your partner what’s on your mind. Your mission is to get open and honest. When you let people into your heart center it’s miraculous what happens next.

Libra (Sep 23-Oct 22) – The Magician
Ooh Libra! What else do you have up your sleeve? You’ve approached this pandemic like you approach everything else: balanced, curious, inquisitive and open. You might be one of the worst decision makers in the world, but that is working for you big time right now. There is nothing to decide! You’re not in charge! How fun! Even more exciting? It’s a time when you can have your voice heard and your thoughts warranted. Remember those ‘silly ideas’ you had all those moons ago? Now is the time to break them out and share them with the crowd. Your optimism and enthusiasm is palpable and offers hope to those around you. Oh and don’t forget to text your crew an onslaught of funny memes. You’ve been doing a great job. It’s time to step up your meme game!

Scorpio (Oct 23-Nov 22) – The Emperor
Scorpio now is the time to pull yourself out of the recesses of your mind. I love your ability to go deep, but it’s getting a little dark over there. Now is the time to let the sunshine in, both figuratively and literally. Although we’re all ‘Safer at Home’ I think it’s time for you to take a quest both physically and emotionally. Can you go for a long walk or a hike? I mean exercise is essential, am I right? On this journey bring your watercolor travel set and a notebook. First you need to go hug a tree. That’s right! You can do this. No one has to see you! I promise. Hug that tree long and tight until you feel something shift. Perhaps it makes you cry. That’s good! Now step away far enough so you can plop yourself on the ground in front of this miracle of nature to get a good glimpse. You are going to paint this bad boy as you soak in every hue, every detail, every layer of bark or flower bud. You’re going to bask in the glory of nature’s paintbrush and cathartically make a depiction of this tree’s beauty. Please email me what you’ve created so I can share it online. You might think it sucks, but remember spiritually it has a LOT to say. What colors came through?

Sagittarius (Nov 23-Dec 20) – Temperance
Sag you wise sage, you’ve been doing well so far. You like a bit of chaos and are the first in the Zodiac to get bored of the humdrum of everyday. However, now it’s starting to get to you. You liked the uncertainty of it all at first, but now as we settle into this “new normal” you’re getting antsy. Well it’s time to dive deep within. Temperance offers us patience and cadence as we explore our spiritual side. For you I see an exploration in the creative arts. Use all that antsy energy towards a huge art project. Even better if you can find a group to do it with you or you can highlight it in your Instagram feed. You need some accountability to keep you going. Oooh, or perhaps you start a group around the book by Julia Cameron, The Artist’s Way. It’s time to tap into your most creative self. You just need some discipline. This won’t come together quickly. It’ll happen with tiny consistent actions over time. Temperance my friend. Temperance.

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    1. Yana! So sorry for this error. The post has been corrected. As you are probably well aware December 21 is classified as Capricorn but I’m sure you identify a little bit with both signs seeing that you’re on the cusp. 🙂

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