Sweet summer is upon us. Thank goodness! Make ready for warm days and nights with the magical influences & inspiration of the Greek God Pan, some super-shimmery magical herbs, & a ritual to help you embody your deepest wishes. Luxuriously dress your skin with the vibrancy of Road Opener essential oil while enjoying the heady summer oils of basil, petitgrain, & vetiver blended into your Summer Solstice candle. With a history of Litha, guidance for creating a special altar for your celebration, & clear explanations of each tool & ritual practice, the Litha ritual booklet completes this box, placing the power of ritual in your open hands.

Our Summer Solstice Ritual Box includes:

  • Magical Wishing Herbs with Mica
  • Himalayan Salt
  • Road Opener Essential Oil
  • Sage Smudge with Dried Rose Petals
  • Summer Solstice | Litha 8.5oz Soy Body Candle
  • Greek God Pan Art Image
  • Shell Artifact & Incense
  • Litha | Summer Solstice Ritual Booklet

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Brimming with powerful items carefully curated to lovingly support your moon practice for many months, you’ll take pleasure in soothing away the intensity of the full moon with a specially charged full moon bath bomb while shifting your energetic body into a higher realm with copal smoldering in your iron cauldron. Or prepare to set intentions with the new moon using a fragrant salt soak and a blazing new moon soy candle. A wolf talisman is provided to lift your courage, while a milky selenite stone spar doubles down on boosting your intuition. Clear and simple instruction comes easily via the ritual booklet. There you find descriptions and uses for every item, instructions for casting your circle, performing rituals for both the full and new moons, as well as complete information on all the moons of the year. Did someone say powerful? Hell yeah!

Our Phases of the Moon Ritual Box includes:

  • New Moon Salt Soak with Quartz
  • Iron Cauldron with Copal & Charcoal
  • Full Moon Bath Bomb
  • Selenite Stone with Lavender
  • New Moon 8.5oz Soy Body Candle
  • Soapstone Wolf Talisman & Incense
  • Phases of the Moon Ritual Booklet

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Our Magical Tools Ritual Box includes:


Do not wait. Begin your practice now. This potent collection of tools places the power of ritual into your open hands. Cast from our Earth’s iron ore, the mortar and pestle is an historically essential tool which can be used immediately with the enclosed herbs to set an intention and charge your candle. The enclosed Tarot candle is divined for you at the time of shipment as we prepare your box. Consider it a single card spread from which you may intuit guidance through self awareness. Prepare for ritual with the vibrant aromas of the Road Opener bath bomb while enjoying the sweetness of Palo Santo’s rich fragrance as it burns. Each tool and each step of ritual practice is clearly explained in the twelve page Magical Tools ritual booklet. You’ll also enjoy powerfully intuitive energy via a selenite stone, as well as the knowledge of Sigil creation and practices. It’s time to begin.

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Now more important than ever!

Badass Self Care Package Includes…

  • Band of Thieves 63% Alcohol Hand Sanitizer
  • Band of Thieves Salt & Charcoal Goat’s Milk Soap
  • Band of Thieves Bath Bomb
  • Permission Bath Bomb
  • Full Moon Soy Body Candle

A band of four thieves in 18th century Marseilles, arrested while fleecing bodies of plague victims for valuables, were protected by their own herbal blend. They bargained for their lives with the recipe. Our blend of Thieves-inspired oil continues the legacy of essential well being via a trusted herbal recipe. Enjoy a trio of awesome products made with this potent blend!

Paired with an uplifting Permission bath bomb with notes of Cedar, Lemongrass, & Ginger, along with a Full Moon candle’s calming notes of Lavender & Sage, you’ll be deeply caring for your immune system by reducing stress, keeping clean, & lifting your spirits.

Made by our very small crew, carefully observing the most current safe handling practices, we’ll ship directly to you. Or you are welcome to receive it from our pick up window!

Order online at magicfairycandles.com

Be kind and good to one another.

All my love,


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Our recommendation for happy, healthy living is the medicinal blend in our Thieves oil. Use coupon code wellness2020 for 25% off any of our Thieves products online.

Centuries before a band of four thieves are believed to have bargained for their lives with a recipe, spiritual advisors protected themselves from the plague with essential herbs preserved in vinegar. This preparation was consumed internally and doused upon the body and clothing. However, it is the story of the thieves of Marseilles of the 18th century, caught while fleecing the bodies of plague victims for valuables while protected with their own herbal blend, which became associated with this potent mixture. Timeless in its ability to both protect and soothe, our proprietary blend of Thieves-inspired oil continues the legacy of essential well being via a trusted herbal recipe—a recipe worth the lives of its makers.

Key Notes — Eucalyptus, Cinnamon, Lemongrass, & Clove.