Hello Inner Light

Can you feel that? It’s our beautiful planet rising in vibration and light as more people are waking up and transforming into the person they were always meant to be. The recent global events have steered people into two directions: fear or faith. Which will you choose?  For many this turbulous time has acted as a catalyst for ascension, love and light.

Everything in its basic form is simply energy or frequency. Studies have shown that when we eat high vibrational foods, listen to music at a certain frequency (528 Hz) and shower ourselves in ‘good vibes’ that this can boost our immune system and protect us from disease. Unfortunately this information is not readily shared as it might disrupt the current pharmaceutical machine. The body operates optimally at approximately 65 Hz. Disease sets in at 58 Hz and death takes us at 25 Hz.

My mission as a Firestarter to help everyone understand that they are loved, for love is all there ever was and all there ever will be. I put this love energy (528 Hz) into everything I create.  Recently we refurbished and reopened our storefront to provide a place of solace, education and community. In this space we’ll be providing you with a variety of ways to continue to raise your vibration.

This weekend we are joined by my mentor and dear friend, Hummingbird. Through the power of sound., this beautiful medicine woman will offer us healing for the collective. We will be nourished through song, drums and crystal sound healing bowls. I hope you’ll join us as this is not an event to be missed!

In the meantime I ask you to practice self-care as if it’s your only job. Stress, doubt or worry lowers your frequency and makes your immune system susceptible to illness. Any time you catch yourself thinking negatively take a moment to pause and offer gratitude instead. There is so much to be grateful for! It’s also essential during times of stress to nurture ourselves and our inner child. Treat yourself to walks in nature, luxurious baths, meditation and calls with old friends. While it might seem counterintuitive I ask that you ignore your human’s desire to ruminate on current happenings and listen more closely to your inner light. It knows the way.

I love you,


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