When we choose the right action for any given situation, we feel it in our bodies as a flood of warmth and goodness. Our human connection is real. It is rooted in the care we have given to one another throughout time. In this manner, we extend the very real energy of our own hearts out into the world by our calm and honorable actions. Then, as though we’d spilled seeds with every footstep, we watch as they sprout, grow, and bloom. It is the emergence of our actions outside of our hearts in the good health and well being of those around us. How beautiful and poignant life is when we take good care of one another.

Magic Fairy Candles Healthy Living products are specific to the needs of humans in our ever-changing world. They are rooted in the history of humankind. Made with deep love, right action, and a flood of goodness, we offer them up from our hearts to yours.

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