Heal, Release, Activate.

Sand, smoke and tears woke up the dragon within that had long been sleeping. After a retreat in the desert with my Sisters, I felt a calling to my purpose stronger than ever before: I am here to let people know that they are loved. Deemed the Firekeeper, it became apparent to me that the role I play on this planet is to help people feel so deeply loved that it sparks their fire. It now makes sense to me why I’ve constantly been drawn to candles. I’m mesmerized by their flame. I bless and set intention on each item that goes out the door. By offering others a way to cultivate ritual in their life, I help them light their own internal flame.

Heal, Release, Activate. As Lightworkers it’s time now, more than ever, to reclaim our power. Step into the divine light and reconnect with the work that you were meant to do. As children we are so deeply connected to source. Unfortunately our world has shifted, twisted and corrupted that code so it’s now only a faint whisper. Each of us needs to gain courage and dive deep into our inner child work. What stories are you holding onto that no longer serve you? What are your false beliefs? Because love is all there was and all that there ever will be.

You are the light. When you are surrounded by darkness, simply say “May I see?” When you feel hopeless, call out to the Spirits to show you the way. Many of us with these gifts shined so brightly at a young age that we were attacked by dark forces. I have yet to meet a healer with an easy past. However, now is our time. We are coming together in such unity and harmony that the whole world is ablaze. What often feels like chaos is simply the breakdown of a shaky foundation. It needs to be stripped to the ground before it can be built again. This time on a bedrock of truth and hope.

Please join me each month as I’ll be offering free Zoom classes to help uplift our growing collective of high vibrational souls. This month we focus on prosperity – Monday, June 22 at 5:30pm MST. Those connected deeply to the ethers often struggle with money. During this ritual I will teach you how to best interact with this energy so it can shower you with abundance. Abundance is your birthright. Money is a tool to help you thrive in this environment and bring your gifts into the world. Please join us.

In the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or simply some feedback. I welcome each of your notes with love and adoration. I truly want to help you become your highest self. I hope you’ll start incorporating our products into your ritual to help you achieve your goals.

I love you.


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