A full moon is like a ripe peach ready to be plucked. As a tree releases what’s become full with lush sweetness, we too have a season ripe for release. Without expectation, meet your burdens in a place of willingness to release.

Make a moment to identify the things which are unnecessarily placing a weight upon your heart. Without expectation and from a place of willingness, write down what you’ve been carrying too long. Once released from within, the full moon’s blaze can assist with fully letting go of such burdens by igniting our will for change. You may find it very satisfactory to set your written full moon intentions aflame by the fire of your candle and allow them to burn completely in a fireproof container.

With incense or sage, cleanse and purify energy by moving smoke around yourself, your beloved humans and creatures, around tools, the home, your world. Place purified tools, stones, crystals, talismans, jewelry, or other personal items out under the full moon overnight to charge them by the light of the moon’s energy. Set water out under the full moon to charge for drinking, recipes, or blessings.

Just as the full moon arrives upon a cycle fully formed, bring into your hands the power to manifest closure for yourself and for the beloved humans in your life. Whatever trials may be suffered, you may raise potent strength within the moment by simply holding space for one another. With the thought of others and yourself held in your heart, under the full moon say aloud, “I’m here for you.” Feel the gravity of such an utterance. Breathe into that connection.

Place one of our many amazing bath bombs in a breathable bag like a mesh vegetable bag and hang it under the stream of the shower to wash over you. Or place your bath bomb in your hands or on the floor of the shower to dissolve slowly outside the main stream of water, enjoying its scent and skin softening properties. Allow the water’s flow to be your body’s cue to release all which is unneeded.

With deep care, honor all the endless ways in which your body has served you throughout your life. With the very same care, acknowledge the challenges you face now or have had to endure in the past. Breathe. And again. And again. The fullness of the moon ripens threefold—the mind, the body, the heart. Relax and enjoy the full release in the flow of water.

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