Food and Consciousness

The expression “you are what you eat” has more merit than at first glance. While we often immediately associate this saying to health, not many of us think about the impact of eating on our brain. The sustenance that you put in your mouth not only affects your gut, but your mental health. It makes one wonder: as we become a society obsessed with processed food are we dulling down our intelligence or our connection to Source? And let’s not forget that everything on our planet has a vibrational energy. Are you slowing yourself down without even realizing it?

Leslie Kenton, a dietitian, claims that “nutritionally-trained doctors estimate between 70 and 90% of us experience symptoms associated with food reactions.” Let that sink in for a moment! Light Omega’s argument for a vegetarian or even better, vegan diet, looks at the spiritual and vibrational aspect of food. According to them, when we eat an animal we are taking on their energy instead of living up to our full human potential. This animal energy is often low vibrational as the animal was frightened when killed. A fascinating concept especially when you note that Kosher meats echo this sentiment. To be considered a Kosher meal not only does it have to be blessed by a Rabbi, but the ways in which the animal is killed are very specific to cause it the least amount of pain.

Knowledge is power! We know vegetables and fruits are good for us, but it takes on a new significance when we realize the emotional and spiritual impact on our bodies. At Magic Fairy Candles we study plant medicine daily, mostly for their topical properties. However ingesting plants has incredible healing properties, noted by our Human Stuff and Pet Stuff Full Spectrum CBD Oils. These two magical medicinals are meant to be ingested, either by drops under the tongue or in our pets’ food. They are said to reduce inflammation, ease aches and pains, and offer relief from anxiety.

Plants are super fucking magical and we’re excited to start talking about their healing properties with you more. At our newly refurbished storefront in Longmont, CO we have created a potion and tea bar! One of our favorites is Hibiscus Tea. Hibiscus is an amazing plant that can regulate blood pressure, support a healthy upper respiratory system and aid with constipation. Not to mention it’s just absolutely gorgeous. We use it in our magical herbs blend which can be found in every one of our hand-poured soy wax candles and on top of our goats’ milk soaps (examples below).

Mother Nature is the ultimate healer. The abundance of plants and their superpowers are one of her many gifts. In the coming weeks we plan on continuing to share about some of our favorite plants, herbs and tinctures. By educating ourselves at the magic at our fingertips we all continue to rise together in love and light.

I love you.

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