Familiars – The Protectors of Our Hearts

Have you ever looked at your pet and thought to yourself, “I’ve met you before!” Well, perhaps your beloved furry friend is your ‘familiar’. Familiars have been given many definitions and explanations, but at its heart and soul the term connotes a benevolent spirit, often as an animal, sent to you to assist with your practices. The ultimate healer, animals offer us a reflection of pure, unconditional love. To be in their presence brings a profound sense of joy, to work your magic in their company is simply divine.

Recently I’ve found myself in the studio much more as it makes my heart happy. I’m getting back to my roots, the magic that started Magic Fairy Candles so many moons ago. Each time I pour a candle I offer it a blessing. In each candle, I embed a crystal, charged by the full moon, to amplify the intention. I finish it off with our magical blend of herbs, complete with the power of rosebuds and the protection of mica. As I pour my love into each product I create, always by side are Spartacus and Zeus, my familiars. They join me in the studio everyday.

Not only do animals assist us in these ways, but many humans who cross our path offer us pieces of knowledge we didn’t know we were missing. Spirit often uses people as channels for peace and good orderly direction. Think of a time when you bumped into a stranger at the grocery store and they said the exact thing that you needed to hear today. What about an old friend who suddenly feels the urge to call you…right when you were about to pick up the phone?

These instances are not just happy coincidences but tiny tokens of encouragement from our guides. My friend tells me that any time she begins any type of candle magic her black cat appears, curls up in her lap and starts purring. Perhaps her feline friend is just saying hello or could it be that his vibrational energy is assisting her with her ritual?


Samhain is over a month away, but we are already preparing our beautiful ritual boxes for you. This Sabbat is the most monumental as it marks the pagan new year celebration and this box does not disappoint! I’m so excited to release it next week. My two fur babies have been close by as I iron out the final details. It’s not accidental that black cats are part of this holiday, as also adopted by the masses. Those of us who worship Mother Nature, give thanks to the moon and honor those who’ve come before us truly understand the magnificent power of familiars. Who has been assisting you?

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