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December 2020 Tarotscope

Hello Angels,

Yes, I’m talking to you! Anyone who has moved through this year with an open and awakened heart is an angel in my book. Change can be frightening and can cause us to cut ourselves off from the world. Instead, you’ve decided to embrace this wild unknown and forge ahead with love as your guiding light. How can I tell? Anyone who appreciates the tarot is willing to receive guidance from the abundant universe. Please take a moment to recognize your willingness and your magic!

December marks the darkest and shortest days of our year. It’s truly a time to offer yourself extra self care by creating cozy, candle-lit nights. The Sacred Space Ritual Box is super fucking magical and I highly recommend it. The thought and care Kim put into this box is remarkable and it brings me so much warmth and joy. I hope it offers you the same. This month also marks the end of 2020. I encourage you not only to absorb the wisdom the tarot provides, but to take time for reflection. What lessons have you learned? What are your hopes and dreams for the year ahead?

I hope these tarotscopes resonate with you. Remember to read not only for your sun sign (how you present yourself to the world), but for your moon (your soul’s longing) and your rising sign (what drives you). If you’d like a more personal reading, I offer one-on-one sessions.


Much love,

Jacqueline Stone
Totems and Tarot

Capricorn (Dec 21 – Jan 20) – The Devil
Obsessive thinking is a favorite Capricorn pastime. Our diligent work-ethic is our backbone, but when we forget to take time for rest and relaxation we can get stuck in a negative self-talk tape. It’s not pretty. As a fellow Capricorn (yay birthday!) I know oh too well the call to workaholism. Work makes me feel safe, secure and purposeful. But just like anything in excess it can be detrimental to our mental health. Have you been prioritizing your work responsibilities so there is no space for anything else? This year has forced us to do a ton of shadow work. While the natural inclination is to run and hide, the patterns will come back to smack us in the face if we ignore them for too long. What false beliefs keep rearing their ugly heads? What habits need breaking? What wounds need illumination? I ask you to heed the advice I’ve already taken myself after I pulled this card: make an appointment with your therapist or another trusted healer. It’s time to slow down and do some serious self-reflection. Often the only thing to fear is fear itself.

Aquarius (Jan 21-Feb 19) – The Tower
Sometimes things need to fall apart to fall back together, this time in a way that supports your highest purpose. This has been a year of profound growth and change. The process is never easy but I encourage you to look ahead and far off into the future. Great darkness is always followed by profound light. For example, the Spanish Flu in 1918 was followed immediately by the Roaring 20s. Let’s enroll in you in the school of magical manifestation. What would your life look like in a year in your wildest dreams? How about the next five? Take some time this month to tap back into your inner knowing around your greatest superpower. Manifestation is something even scientists can agree upon for each thought has a vibration all its own. Let’s choose the highest vibrational journey for you in the months to come. Not sure how to get started on this positive powerhouse train? I like to use tapping. I also enjoy listening to Ambraham Hicks or Byron Katie as they remind us to let go of the negative societal constraints that seem to box us in. They encourage us to step back into the flow of The Vortex where anything is possible.

Pisces (Feb 20-Mar 20) – The Fool
I once had a friend tell me her definition of God. “Snow,” she proclaimed. I didn’t quite get it until that first heavy snowstorm of the season when the earth was covered in a blanket of white glitter. The earth grew still and quiet as we cozied up inside. The Fool embodies this pure, innocent energy. Untouched and unscathed by the mental prison societal rules can produce, the Fool embraces each moment with the optimism and excitement of a three-year-old. I encourage you to do the same this month dear Pisces. What are some ways in which you can invite your inner child out to play? The ‘Great Pause’ of 2020 has been useful, but it also can produce the damaging mental twists that only isolation can offer. What can you do to wake the dull senses? Perhaps it’s time to pull some of the gorgeous rituals Kim has suggested into your life. Have you tried this one? The delicious aroma of cloves and the energizing fragrance of citrus is a great way to tap back into the magic of the season. It’s a small action you can take to return to a place where life has a light and bubbling energy. Remember there is only one thing you can change in this lifetime: your attitude. The rest is beyond our control.

Aries (Mar 21-Apr 19) – Temperance
Patience is a virtue that only few can master with a contented heart. Many of us are able to drop into acceptance when an obvious delay has interrupted our plans, but what about the delays that provided no warning? You didn’t get the job. Your partner broke up with you and ripped your heart to shreds. What do these things have to do with patience? When you finally drop into the sunlight of the spirit and recognize the universe is kind, you’ll start to realize all of these are the more subtle delays and pauses that snuck in under the radar. Your guides have decided to put your version of the future on hold so they can start to weave a life beyond your wildest dreams. You see you weren’t supposed to get that job as something even better is around the corner. Your tender heart took a beating only because they wanted you to continue your search for your soulmate. They hate to see you settle. As we start to wind down one of the rockiest years of our existence take a moment of reflection: what delays were truly a blessing? And more importantly, what do you think happens next? Your most optimistic ideas are no match for the infinite abundance the universe has to offer.

Taurus (Apr 20-May 20) – The High Priestess
Some believe we all were born with psychic abilities and that these skills have been conditioned out of us over time. I tend to agree. Have you ever sat down with a child and asked them about their concepts of a Higher Power? The answers will astonish you. The High Priestess is a highly intuitive soul, tapping into the divine intelligence of the collective unconscious. What messages have you tried to ignore? I’m guessing they’ve just turned up the volume to such a deafening degree that you have no choice but to listen. Our faith has been shaken in many ways this year Taurus. However, those who choose faith over fear are rewarded greatly. Have you ever tried two-way prayer? It’s fairly simple: break out a notebook, ask your questions to the universe and wait and listen. The answers will come, almost always in your own voice. Trust the truth that lives there. While some see Goddess as a separate entity, nothing could be further from the truth. She lives inside you and inside me. She is here, there, and all encompassing. We are all one. In those quiet moments we are able to distance ourselves from our busy lives and reckless thinking to drop back into the pool of love that emcompasses us all. What knowledge lives there?

Gemini (May 21-Jun 21) – The Hierophant
Covid fatigue is alive and well dear Gemini, but don’t let that take away your sparkle. You operate at your best when you are learning. That is your only job this month: embracing your education. What were your favorite topics in grade school? I had one year of college where I almost completely flunked out of school (solid Ds due to drinking), but my one A+ stood out like an angelic beacon. I devoured every book, completed every assignment and studied for hours as it filled my empty soul with the sweet nectar only spirituality could provide. What was the class? Greek mythology! My wish for you is that you tap back into a topic that once had deep significance. Perhaps it’s an activity! In Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert she talks about a woman in her 40s who discovered ice skating again. The divine feminine excels in chaos and expansion. She’s been ignored for way too long! What interest of yours will you pursue again this month? I ask that you be mindful. This pursuit should NOT have a purpose or a desired outcome. While I respect the energy the divine masculine brings it’s essential to put things back in balance and we can start where it matters most: having fun!

Cancer (Jun 22-July 23) – Strength
Almost had us fooled there Cancer when you started to get a bit weepy. We all have our days and it’s healthy to offer yourself that emotional release. But I’m happy to see that you’ve tapped back into that powerful inner knowing and strength. A big softy with a hard shell, there hasn’t been a storm yet that you haven’t been able to conquer. While recognition isn’t as essential to you as in other signs, I see you taking center stage this month. Not to boost your ego, but to share your wealth of knowledge. You have so many gifts to offer the world. What are some ways in which you can teach others this December? Is it about signing up to teach a class? Showing a friend how to accomplish a task that comes easy to you? Perhaps it’s about teaching by example. The way you show up in the world, heart open wide, is to be admired. While those who live in the land of vulnerability often experience endless heartbreak, they also experience profound joy. There is wisdom offered by the most authentic Self. Maybe that’s your only role this month Cancer. When others show up masked in their defenses called entitlement, judgement or rage you can cradle them in your warm embrace. Simply offer your own experience, strength and hope and watch them melt back into a ball of tenderness right before your eyes. Thank goodness for you and the love you give.

Leo (Jul 24 – Aug 23) – Justice

Finally the scales return to their divine balance as we pull the Justice card this month. You’ve had to swallow many hard pills this year Leo. Usually one of the most optimistic and powerful of the signs, you’ve put your fun loving ways in the back seat as you’ve helped others navigate the countless metaphysical storms of 2020. A pillar of strength, your thoughtfulness is commendable. Now that the foundation has been pulled down to the studs, it’s time to build up again. Always a leader, I don’t doubt that you are ready to take charge. Your first item of attention? How to bring some levity back into the world. We’ve all faced some hard truths this year and have been forced to show up and do the work. Now it’s time to balance the seriousness of it all with a little fun. What are some ways that you can offer some buoyancy and charm during this season? While many of us can’t meet in person do not let that stop you from discovering creative ways to infuse joy and exhilaration into your projects and pastimes. Maybe it’s a secret santa with a twist this year? A Zoom date with the friends and family while eating a festive meal? A lot of things have been put on hold. One thing that is always given free range? Our imagination.

Virgo (Aug 24-Sep 22) – The Magician
Virgo, I absolutely love this pull for you! Although my sun lies in Capricorn, I have five planets in Virgo and I relate deeply to your sentimentality. Order, not chaos, soothes your soul. It’s fun to see that the playful Magician has come to say hello this month. Probably my favorite in the major arcana, The Magician has the ability to land esoteric ideologies in reality. My favorite kind of Virgo is the one who’s tapped deeply into the metaphysical but still has their feet strongly rooted on the planet. This superpower allows you to touch the hearts of so many and do so many powerful things in this world. A Healer at heart, you have a soft underbelly that you expose to only a select few. It would do you some good in the coming weeks to bare that side of your soul to those who need it most. Perhaps it will be an old friend calling to say hello or a stranger in the checkout line, but heed this: there is strength in vulnerability. It’s cloaked in magic fairy dust, for in that space when the niceties and falsehoods melt away we drop into our most authentic Self. There is the spot where healing begins and ends, not only for those whom you encounter, but for yourself.

Libra (Sep 23-Oct 22) – The World

Many have struggled with the twists and turns of this fascinating year, but few have taken it harder than you dear Libra. You are always trying to keep the peace and make people happy.  An impossible task lately, you’ve had to stop searching for validation externally and dive deep within. All I can say is Bravo! You’ve done some significant work on yourself these past few months and although those around you might not be any happier, you are! You’ve found contentment has such beautiful energy when it comes from the inside out. It doesn’t shock me that the World has made an appearance for you this month. Enjoy the completion of a huge cycle of growth and bask in the celebration. Tis the season of hope and I know you’ll do your part to bring more light into the world. My only thought to you is to continue to partake in esteemable acts, given their name as they help YOUR self-esteem. You see you can bring someone flowers, walk someone’s dog or help an elder with errands not because it will change their perspective, but because it will shift yours. So go ahead and bake those cookies and drop them off, but completely let go of the outcome. Maybe don’t even ring the doorbell. Just drive off knowing you did something kind, whether it was appreciated or not.

Scorpio (Oct 23-Nov 22) – The Moon
The Moon is a goddess of the night, asking us to dance naked in her bright glow. It’s a place where our demons lurk in the shadows but also where inspiration runs free. When I pull The Moon in a reading it immediately conjures up images of star gazing and artistic endeavors, for this card has a deep tie to the creative aspect of our soul. When was the last time you created a piece of art? It could be a masterpiece in the kitchen that delights everyone’s taste buds and bellies. Maybe it’s a beautiful oil painting on canvas now hung on the wall to warm up the room. It might be a poem or a love letter sent to a pen pal far away. However you express yourself artistically, I encourage you to amp up the energy that surrounds these practices all December long. “But I’m not creative!,” you declare. Lies! We are crafted in the universe’s likeness and who a better artist than Mother Nature herself? Your assignment this month is to honor the free spirit within. Totally stumped on what that looks like? Try going to a local art shop and picking up a project in the kids section. Might seem silly at first, but you’ll soon find yourself engrossed in your activity. I have a suspicion you’ll walk away feeling lighter and fuller. For when we create we connect, to something much greater than ourselves. The infinite love that binds us all.

Sagittarius (Nov 23-Dec 20) – The Empress
Wild child, nonconformist and freethinker are the best ways to describe your spirit Sagittarius. I think it’s safe to say that you hate being boxed in. Unfortunately this has made your dance with intimacy a bit difficult. I’m not talking about sex you senual goddess! We all know you reign in that department. I’m talking about the intimacy where you tell someone secrets that you thought you’d bring to the grave. The type of connection where you can gaze into each other’s eyes for hours. While you crave this attention, it also scares you. The Empress is the divine mother. Nurturing and kind, she reminds us that the Source of unconditional love is always within reach. I implore you to play with this concept this month. What touchpoints in your life have offered you a glimpse of that endless love? Do you offer this to yourself? Does your cup spilleth over so you can bring this energy to those around you? Your assignment, if you choose to accept it, is to lean into uncomfortability. That’s right, awkward moments are the new name of your game! Hug your partner a lil longer until they are the one that pulls away. Practice active listening with a friend, even when the conversation gets way too detailed for your liking. I promise you that you can still honor your freedom while offering deep connection. It’s a tricky balance but I know you got what it takes.

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