2 thoughts on “Catalyst-Candle

  1. Hello,

    I am the Co-Owner of Hillside Variety store, a new brick and mortar retail chain in Barbados specializing in importing products like yours. We are opening two locations next month and we need stock. Your products would be a great fit and we want to carry your items. People here would love it.
    Do you do bulk orders? Can you send us your sell sheet with pricing please or do we look at your website and send you a purchase order form? We can take care of logistics as you do not need to worry about that. Do you allow pickups?
    Do we need to open an account or can we buy direct? We do not need term but would like to get a discount on our opening order if this works for you.
    We can send you pictures of our store if you request but we are not fully opened yet and we would be launching our website soon also, we need to place our orders as soon as possible if the products are going to be here for the grand opening so I look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Simon Chu. 

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