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How important it is to celebrate—the little things, the momentous things, the accomplishments of a life!

The history of celebrating the day of your birth goes back a long, long way. In Babylonian times, records of such a thing are etched into clay tablets. In ancient Greece, gifts were offered to the birth spirits who were believed to have been present at the time of a baby’s entry into the world.

In the presence of a woman giving birth there is huge, earth moving power and will. There is also surrender and the opening of a door—the baby passes from a world of liquid-dark safety into a place of light and air. How amazing!

From my heart to yours, I honor this incredibly beautiful moment of living. May you celebrate your journey around the sun and through this life with many blessings for this day and all those to come.

As my gift to you, please enjoy 50% off your entire order in the store or online, and receive a surprise birthday gift from me with your purchase!

All my love, always.

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