The pandemic has completely uprooted everything we think we know about our world. Our routines and regimes no longer exist and we’re forced to sit with the uncertainty of the future. We have choice in the matter. We can look ahead with fear and trepidation or we can embrace the unknown with curiosity and wonder. Ultimately not much has changed but our perception has shifted dramatically. By creating order and routine out of chaos we like to think we can predict our fate. Unfortunately all we have is today even though we’d like to rest our hats on the security of tomorrow. The veil of this illusion has simply been lifted.

I’ve never met a strong person without a difficult past. Pain is the touchpoint for spiritual growth and development. And nothing seems to bring more pain than money. Every person you meet, whether they are destitute or affluent has a sense of lack. We never have enough. I read the book The Soul of Money by Lynne Twist many moons ago and it completely changed my life. I strongly suggest that you pick up a copy. She helps understand that money work is an inside job. That we all have limitless potential and resource no matter what our bank looks like. And that sufficiency is the root of happiness. When you realize that YOU are enough and that you have enough, you feel content. Your thoughts and actions flow effortlessly to places where you can be of service and spread your love and joy to others.

Lynne makes it sound easy, but truly it’s a process. Many of us have tainted views of money that we’ve inherited by our parents. I grew up without money so there is part of me that always assumed that it simply wasn’t for me. When I broke down these false stories and realized abundance is my birthright, my entire world shifted. It supercharged my purpose and let me focus solely on what makes me happy. At my heart and soul I am a maker. I love spending hours in my studio hand-pouring candles, harmonizing aromas and infusing each product with magic and love.

I want the same inner contentment for all of you. I’d love to share my practice around money with all of you. I’ve created a prosperity spell and I’m putting together a small package. This should be available on my website shortly. I’ve scheduled a Zoom class on June 22 at 5:30pm MST to review these tools and this ritual. All are welcome! Be sure to register in advance. Cost of $11 includes the prosperity spell materials as well as the class!

In the meantime, keep the faith. Perhaps take a moment this morning to meditate and write down all of your invaluable assets that can’t be measured in gold. What do you have to give to the world? That is your TRUE currency and I can’t wait to show you how to set those skills ablaze with passion, trust and faith.

I love you.


2 thoughts on “Abundance is Your Birthright

  1. I’m very grateful for your words ❤️ I’m very excited to gathering more of your valuable words . I’m also excited to buy some of your product s n more

  2. Thank you so much for this. I’m learning to take this time to create and pour my heart into what I love doing, which is spell work, reiki and card readings. I struggle with the mindset around money because I grew up being taught money was “tight.” I really miss being in the store because I always feel a sense of belonging in there. Thank you for building a beautiful place and I absolutely love using your candles for moon phase work!

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