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So, what’s better than a ritual box filled with magical tools and full-sized Magic Fairy Candles products all wrapped and tied with a satin bow? How about having a new box in your hands each month? How about automatically getting free shipping and saving about 20% on the cost of each box? Yes, definitely better!


  • Prosperity Goat’s Milk Soap
  • Fall Equinox Bath Bomb
  • Rough Tourmaline & Acorn
  • Cedar | Eucalyptus | Turkey Feather Bundle
  • Fall Equinox Soy Candle
  • Fall Equinox Art Card
  • A Selection of Ritual Incense
  • Mabon | Fall Equinox Ritual Booklet

For a perfect moment there is balance. Every fall we are given a day and night of the same length. This time of equal measure is a gift of reflection upon hard work performed, & rewards to celebrate. Set smoldering your cedar & eucalyptus smudge as you contemplatively care for hard-working skin with a super soothing soap containing olive & coconut oils, goat’s milk & shea butter. Light your candle & reflect on the balance of this day & all others. With a history of Mabon, guidance for altar creation & detailed descriptions of each item & their uses, your ritual booklet gives clear & simple guidance. An active balancing ritual & special questions & affirmations complete a pathway towards honoring this unique moment in the Wheel of the Year.

Our new Monthly Magic Subscription Box provides a ritual box each month, curated to uphold and celebrate the rituals of the coming holiday in the Wheel of the Year, as well as additional themed boxes to enhance awareness and self care practices for those months which fall between holidays.

Ritual Boxes

Ritual is a practice. To practice means to perform an activity again and again in order to acquire a skill. For ritual, the skill acquired is awareness.

What does this give us? We become very present, perhaps more calm, clear about our desires and needs, more able to provide just the right kind of help to others, and more capable of identifying and fulfilling our purpose on this earth.

We wanted to make ritual clear and simple, while at the same time, giving you everything you need to begin. Hence, you may choose any one of these boxes and you will have the necessary items to prepare your body, your space, your heart. You will have concise instruction for casting a circle and performing a ritual, along with encouragement for making the practice your own.

Most importantly, you will be given a pathway into a practice which will nurture self awareness. One of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves is to come know our own hearts.